Gypsy, Crow, Joel, and Tom Servo

Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank

Ahhh! Weren't these the days. The original cast from MST3K, or at least the cast that I fell in love with. First with the change to Mike (not shown 'cause I don't particularly care for him), then the "death" of Frank, and now Pearl Forrester (Doc Clayton's Mom) with apes and observers? I mean come on! I believe if you have a good gig goin', don't change it. Even though I'm not very fond of all of the changes, I still watch because I love my MST3K!

MST3K Theme (Midi)
MST3K Theme (mp3)

Have your computer close out in MST3K style
Push the button, Frank . . . Kshh

Want a nice MST wallpaper? Check this out.

Created by yours truly.

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