Michael T. Weiss, MT.WAS

Michael T. Weiss Appreciation Society
Established in 1998

We're an unofficial association of
Michael T. Weiss fans
whose mission statement is:

"To appreciate, enjoy, and
promote the projects of
Michael T. Weiss"

You're welcome to
become a member of the society.

There are no dues, no special "goodies"
and no newsletter, but you will get a logo to add
to your website which proclaims that you're a
member of

Michael T. Weiss can be seen on NBC Saturday
nights, in the hit television series,

"The Pretender"
but he's done a lot of other things throughout
his career as well. He's been a model and a
personal trainer, was once a VJ
for the Playboy Channel, and co-starred in
several movies and television programs.
This site will give you the opportunity
to see him in some of his acting roles,
and also allow you to join our free,
non-commercial, and wholly "unofficial" society of

Michael T. Weiss admirers.

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