Buffy Summers and Serena Tsukino

There are alot of similarities between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Sailor Moon.

There both students in High School and have blond hair. And neither of them pays much attention to there studies. Both have a lot of friends to help them in there jobs. Serena has a freind named Amy and Buffy has Willow and they are both great with computers. Each have a sort of watcher who guides them. Buffy has Giles and Serena has Luna (Who is usaully a cat).

Buffy and Serena are not very lucky in love. There boyfriends both have dark hair and like the color black. They have each given them a symbol of love. Both Serena and Buffy have died and been brought to life. Angel and Darain had secrets that they kept from there girlfriends. Angel's that he was a vampire and Darian was Tuxedo Mask. Buffy's Angel and Serena's Darian both have turned evil. Buffy and Serena have had to fight them. Angel lost his soul and Darian was brainwashed. At the end they became good and kissed there girlfriends but after that Darian died and Angel got sent to hell. Serena and Buffy thought that it was there fault. Of course they came back but for a awhile they did not have there memory. Angel and Darian have left there girlfriends. Darian because he thought it was for Serena's own good and Angel because he went to hell. These couples all have had there ups and downs but true love conquers all.

Serena and Buffy both have they share of bad guys in there life. With the job of being The Slayer and Sailor Moon is not easy. They have both turned one of there worst enemies into dust . With the help of freinds thay have saved the world many times and saved the worls from destruction. There strentgh comes from there friends.

Buffy and Serena are two teens who have a destiny forced on them and they don't know how to handle that. Thay try to have a normal life. They handle people who have tried to take away there borfriends. They have jewelry and dresses which they look great in. They have tried to run away from there calling but there destiny finds them where ever they go. In the end I think they have accepted who they are.

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