Comings & Goings

Guest Gig: Access Hollywood weekend anchor Nancy O'Dell will play a police officer in a scene with Jason (Steve Burton) on August 11.

General Hospital This Week

Luke and Alexis put into motion their plan to frame Helena for Katherine's death.

Alexis prepares Stefan to take the stand.

Dara questions Luke about Laura and Stefan.

Lucky asks Jason for a job.

Audrey stuns Liz with information about Mr. Murty.

Liz searches for Mr. Murty when Garcia informs her rape case is closed.

Brenda gives Jax *expectant* news. (gag me!)

A mysterious woman eyes a photo of Jax & Brenda.

Jax makes Jason an offer.

Justus takes Jerry's case.

Jason discovers that Alan stole his gun and money.

A gun-toting Alan is arrested.

Monica gives in to Taggert's blackmail demands.

Mac & Felicia are married and go on their honeymoon.

Red Letter Days

Monday July 27: Alan is arrested.

Wednesday July 29: Jason and Justus come to blows over Sonny.

General Hospital Next Week

Helena takes the stand at Stefan's trial. Brenda gets word from her doctor. Edward and Lila celebrate an anniversary. Dara brushes off Justus. A mysterious woman approaches Jax.

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