House Wish List
TEM Alumni Officers
New Active Chapter Officers (2007 - 2008) :  The top 5 positions are being held by:
President:  Leah Webb
Vice President: 
Brittany Brown
Jamie Wilson
Recording Secretary: 
Lindsey Herren
House Manager: 
Stephanie Perry
As we all know, the TEM House is always in need of many items. Remember the TEM House next time you are doing your Spring Cleaning.  The following is a list of a few things our Active Members are currently in need of:
-Ceiling fan
-Pots and Pans (prefer non-stick)
-Board games (for sisterhood nights)
- New table for kitchen (preferably bench seating)

Please contact the Housemembers to set up a time to drop off donations, call the house at 614-818-4549 and ask to speak to Leah Webb (President) or Stephanie Perry (House Manager).
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Alumni Constitution Revised!
Click Here to take a look at our revised Alumni
Constitution (accepted at Homecoming, November 2003).
Co-Alumni Presidents:      Ann Hatfield-Moore '97
Michele Frank Thompson '92
Co-Alumni Advisors:         April Householder '96
Bethany Schlichter '03
Treasurer/Scholarship:   Cindy Larimore
Secretary:                               Elena Casillas '05
Historian:                                Heidi Matzke-Kellet '86
Airlift Talisman:                    Kelley Youman-Truxall '05
Co-House Managers:       
Leah Link Foster '91
Amy Francis Comford '91
Webmaster:                         Christy Cosley Turner '93
Updated: May 22, 2007
Contact us or send  your news to:
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Donations!  Donations!  Donations!
As we all know, non-profit organizations thrive on donations from supporters.  Our organization is no different from others.  It's through the donation of time, efforts and money that our Alumni show their support for TEM.  Many feel this is their way of giving back to the organization that gave them 4 wonderful years of friendship and learning while they attended Otterbein.  If you would like to donate your time, feel free to  e-mail us at the link below.  If you would like to donate money to the Alumni Chapter, please send your donation to:
Cindy Larimore (
5986 Heartland Ct.
Hilliard, OH  43026

If you would like to donate money to the Active Chapter, please send your donations to:                                                                                                
Leah Webb
182 West Main Street
Westerville, OH  43081
Class Agents Needed!!
If you would like to play an active role in the Alumni Chapter but don't have a lot of time, volunteer to be a Class Agent for your class.  As an agent, you will be responsible to keep an updated address list for your graduating class and contacting those members in time of need.  You will also be contacted to attend Alumni meetings beyond Homecoming, but will not be required to attend.  If interested, please contact us at our e-mail address below.  See who has already volunteered!!
Class Agents
Web Master:  Christy Turner '93
Tau Epsilon Mu Alumni
Share Your Memories
In order to document TEM History, we need your memories.  Please send us any traditions you recall and where they originated.  We are also looking for your fondest memories.  Please send these to:
Heidi Matzke- Kellett '86
Sister Looking for a long lost sister?  Send us an e-mail with the sister's name (maiden and married if known) and year graduated and we try to locate her from our newly updated database so that you may become reunited! 
Sister News
Check out our sister news, updating you about what's going on with your sisters....weddings, moves and additions to the family!  E-mail us your news to be added to our page!

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2006-2007 Year End Retreat & Senior Farewell
Click on the Co-Alumni Advisors link under the alumni officers sections to find out more about the events at the active chapter 2006-2007 year end retreat!
Senior Farewell will be Monday, May 28th.  Look for a re-cap of the events and photos soon!