Highlights of History
  The Air Forces in Alaska

Part 4
1944 - 1945

1 Apr 1944: The XI Bomber Command and XI Fighter Command disbanded per General Order 9, Headquarters, Eleventh Air Force, 25 February 1944.

15 Apr 1944: North Pacific Forces established.

Aug 1944: General Johnson promoted Lt Terry to captain, the only field promotion given in the Eleventh Air Force.

18 Sep 1944: A C-47A (42-15378), assigned to Northwest Airlines, crashed 17 miles east-northeast of Mt. McKinley, killing all 19 aboard. (Hist, Alaskan Wing, ATC, Sep-Oct 44, pp.27-29.)

9 Oct 1944: In a reduction in forces of rear bases, Gulkana, Cordova, Bethel and McGrath were turned over to the Civil Aeronautics Administration; Fort Glenn and Fort Randall were reduced a “service station” status;” Annette Island Landing Field and Yakutat Landing Field assigned as sub bases on Elmendorf; Naknek and For Morrow placed under the jurisdiction Umnak Air Base and Atka under Adak Air Base.

19 Dec 1944: General Order No 112, Headquarters, Eleventh Air Force inactivated the provisional XI Strategic Air Force.

4 Jan 1945: Davis Army Air Base, Adak Island, named in honor of Col Everett S. Davis.

4 May 1945: General Johnson returned to the states.

16 Jun 1945: The last B-24 lost in combat occurred when one of four was downed during a mission against Suribachi Bay.

17 Jun 1945: The 77th Bomber Squadron flew its last mission.

22 Jun 1945:  Brig Gen John B. Brooks assumed command of the Eleventh Air Force.

13 Aug 1945:  B-24s from the 404th Bomber Squadron bombed the Kashiwabara Staging Area for the last time.

3 Sep 1945: A C-54 carrying motion pictures of the Japanese surrender ceremonies the previous day stopped to refuel at Adak while en route from Japan to Washington DC.

1 Nov 1945: The Air Transport Command transferred Ladd Field to the Eleventh Air Force.

27 Nov 1945: The 15th Tow Target Squadron was inactivated.

18 Dec 1945: The Eleventh Air Force redesignated Alaskan Air Command (AAC).

31 Dec 1945: North Pacific Forces disestablished.


9 Aug 1990: Headquarters Pacific Air Forces Special Order GA-44, 1 August 1990, redesignated Alaskan Air Command  as the Eleventh Air Force.

Courtesy of:   The United States Air Force Office of History

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