War Stories 

Why War Stories?

    Many sites that highlight military units place a heavy emphasis on the aircraft, unit insignia and photographs of the organization.  A human interest side of the history should also be represented.
    What was it like to go down the Aleutian Chain and live in "Winterized" tents during the Alaskan winter?  What did they do for entertainment and what was done to keep morale up?  What did they eat?
    Combat mission reports, aircraft and unit history and insignia will be represent as material becomes available.
    It is my goal to highlight at least one individual from each unit and give the reader an idea what they went through during the war.   Officer, enlisted, flyer and non-flyer will be covered.
    Material you provide, along with additional research in military archives will help the history come alive.
    If you have a family member, friend or someone you have information on that you would like  included on this site please drop me a line at the mailbox below.

War Stories - Index

Sam Savignac's Diary - Lt. Sam Savignac and his crew  fly their B-25's from the Aleutians to bomb Japanese positions in the Kurile Islands.  They later are forced to land in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka  Peninsula.  Interned in the Soviet Union they are transported across Siberia to a camp in Central Asia.  Eventually they are repatriated through Iran.

Milt's War - Read Milt Zack's Memoirs.  Follow Milt from his home in Boston, Mass to Officers School and on to Flight Training and eventually War in The Aleutians and ultimately a Japanese Prisoner of War!

A Bad Day - On the 10th of June 1945 a B-25 Mitchell from the 77th Bomb Squadron took off from Attu to bomb Japan. They were shot at by both the Soviets and the Japanese, AT THE SAME TIME!! Here are the events as they unfolded...

Captain Katz -  Follow Captain Alex J. Katz as he arrives in Alaska and flies as a bomber pilot in the B-24's of the 36th Bombardment Squadron.  See his flight jacket and the medals he was awarded for his combat achievements.

The Marks Report - Follow Capt Jack Marks as he and his crew fly combat missions against the Japanese in early June 1942. This "First Person" account will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lt Middleton's Last Flight - 54th FS WWII - On the 27th of June 1942 a P-38 Lightning from the 54th Fighter Squadron crashed shortly after takeoff at Fort Glenn, Umnak Island, Alaska. Here are the events as they unfolded...

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Always looking for Material and Scans of the 11th Air Force and Associated Units to add to this site.

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