Allison Daniel, my best friend from high school, now lives in Seattle (actually, Kent, near Seattle), and is a CPA with a major healthcare firm. In the weird Halloween photo, she's the blonde on the far right dressed as a dominatrix.
There's Max, one of the best friends I've ever had. The color shot is a picture of him as a boy (he'd kill me if he knew I had this photo!), and the other shot is one I took of him in his band, sometime around 1990.
The girl on the left here is Stephanie Montondon, one of my sweet high school friends. Bob Shields, my high school guidance counselor, is on the right. Bob spent all day one school day about 13 years ago talking to me when I was at a low point in my life. His care and attention helped me get on to the road to being a happy, well-adjusted person.  I did a story on Fran, his wife, a few years ago. She needed a second liver transplant, and I covered a fundraiser in her honor. She pulled through the transplant OK, but passed away about a year later from complications.
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