JUSTICE #25 - 'Changes'
November, 1988
(22 Pages)

Cover Artist: Lee Weeks
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Lee Weeks
Inker: Mike Gustovich
Letterer: James Novak
Colorist: Janet Jackson
Editor: Howard Mackie
Assistant Editor: David Wohl
Designer: Cindy Kruhm
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


At Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., Justice spots a paranormal walking away with a pudgy man -- by his outfit, a limo driver and his passenger. He allows the paranormal to slip away because he is tired of passing judgements. The paranormal tells the limo driver to take the scenic route. He slips on a pair of gloves and snaps the driver's neck, dumping the body in the trunk.

Creeping Crud, who prefers being called by his given name, Hugo, wants to go for a walk and Updike wants his assistant Chauncy to explain the facts of life to him. Updike then meets with Justice, asking about the paranormal in Texas (see Justice #24). Justice tells Updike the warden was wrong, that there was no paranormal there, and tells him not to ask again. Updike fills him in on the battle between Psi-Hawk and Rodstvow in D.C. (see last issue, as well as PSI-FORCE #25). After he informs Justice that Victor was inured in the battle, Updike lets him go to visit Angela and Victor in the hospital. Updike then tells himself he needs a long holiday.

Meanwhile, the same paranormal that killed the limo driver, whose name is Quill, recieves a psychic communication from a strange being nicknamed "Judge" who has hired him to assassinate Justice so the Forsaken can rest easily.

Justice arrives at the hospital, and takes Angela to the cafeteria to discuss what he is going to do about the two paranormals that hurt Victor. Angela demands that Justice do something about the paranormals, and he is shocked by her request. She tells him that the reason for her changing view is that she is a paranormal also.

Quill enters an occupied apartment, and the owner puts up a fight until Quill strikes the man in the throat, killing him instantly. The apartment, it is seen, is straight across from NSC headquarters.

At NSC, Chauncy is having a discussion with Hugo about why he can't go outside. Hugo sees a fly and shoots his forearm and hand from his body, nailing the fly as his arm regrows. Chauncy turns and runs for the bathroom, almost throwing up. While Chauncy is indisposed, Hugo exits the room in which he has been a prisoner ever since his power manifested itself.

Angela and Justice arrive outside the National Security Council building, discussing her possible genetic predisposition to paranormality and comparing the theory he gives her to his theory about Lee Harvey Oswald having help in the assassination of JFK. Through Quill's sights, he observes the scene, ready to fire until a bus passes between him and his quarry. Justice and Angela use the bus to slip inside, unaware of Quill's presence.

Justice and Angela enter to hear a woman scream after seeing Creeping Crud walk by. Hugo explains his request for freedom to Justice, who offers to escort him and protect him from harm. They step outside, Hugo manages to barely utter a sentence before the bullet meant for Justice explodes his head. Justice erects his shields as people from inside scramble out in confusion. Justice spots Quill and chases after him, cornering him in an alley. Quill raises his gun but Justice hits him with the full force of his sword arm. He's shocked by the fact that Quill is still alive, believing him saved by erecting a psychic shield. Justice's next blast sends Quill into the sewer, where he loses him.

Summary written by Rod Myers Jr.

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