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Most of the people who have been on the internet for more than 1 month knows that money can be made of the internet. But I know that some companies bullshit about paying you and is therefore running a scam.
I have provided a few links to sites that actually pay you ! I have already made some money from these companies so be sure to sign up ! 

All you have to do is follow these links, and download a program that will sit in your desktop and makes you money!

A New Window will open when you click on the link so there will be no interferences ! 

Desktop Dollars
eAds (Earn money with your WebSite!)
Paid For Surf
NaviCa$h (Portuguese)

Desktop DollarsEarn Cash @ Desktop Dollars
Click here to go there now

   Desktop Dollars is for me considered along with Paid For Surf, the best company around to get paid to be online! We don't have to be navigating using Internet Explorer! You can earn money by reading your mail, playing games and other stuff! They even give you a credit card to quicker receive money! Click here to go there now


Click here to go there now

If you are a webmaster and have quite a few visitors a week you should consider joining eAds. They pay you 10 cents per click on the banner so if you get 100 clicks in a day on average you'll make exactly $70 a week! This site makes an average of 8 clicks per day, which is $0.80 per day, $5.60 per week, $24 per month, $292 per year! It is great, and we don't have to move an inch! You also make 5 cents per referral click which ads up to even more money. Simple and easy ! No age requirement, No need to have over 1000 hits a day ! Even if you get 1 visitor per day you can join ! This is the easiest way to earn money in the internet!

Make $$$ With AllAdvantage

Click here to go there now

   AllAdvantage is the most known "Get Paid To Surf" company in the world. Why? Because it PAYS!!! Yes it is true, if you are afraid that you might not get paid, i recommend AllAdvantage! It pays $0.50 per hour that is the best in the Internet (ValuePay will pay $1, but we will only be able to use it when they finish testing their beta). Click here to go there now !

.Get Paid For Surf!
Click here to go there now!

   Paid For Surf is another great company to get paid! The program that shows their banners must be the smallest in the market! Plus! They have real-time stats in their website about how many hours you were online, your referrals and how much you earn! It is exact and precise! And in real-time! I think it is the best for serious person. This place isn't a joke!
   NOTE: You don't have to be surfing to receive money, The PaidForSurf title is just because it is better than PaidToBeOnline! Click here to go there now! I think this one and Desktop Dollars are surely the best ones you can find, specialy for those who spend a lot of time chatting on the IRC like me!!

ValuePayEarn $1 per hour at Valuepay
Click here to go there now !

   Valuepay will be in my opinion the best "Get Paid To Surf" company in short time. You download a  program which sits with your browser and does not take any space at all ! They even pay you up to $ 1 every hour you are online displaying the program, 2 times more than any other program ! No Age Limit, No Parental Consent, Anybody from around the world can sign up ! Click here to go there now !


      Navicash is a nice PORTUGUESE company. If you're portuguese, try this one, cause it is the best one for portuguese people!

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