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Welcome to The Daily Dumbass

You are probably wondering exactly what "The Daily Dumbass" is. Well, allow me to enlighten you...

In this world, there are so many people that do so many stupid things, that there is really no other name for them than 'dumbass'. I work full time as a manager at a fast food restaraunt, so I see a lot of it first hand. They always say that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. I hope to avoid some of that with this site. If I can warn the masses of dumbass behavior, then hopefully we can prevent it.

Every day I will be putting a story about someone being a dumbass. Whether it is something that happened to me, I read in the paper, or saw on tv. Whenever possible, pictures and videos will be included so that all of you who are visual learners will have no problem.

See the dumbasses!!!

The most dumbass thing ever: SUV's

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So far people have been warned about being a dumbass...