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  • Scandal of America's Puppy Mills- Find out why your pet may have been through pure hell.
  • Beware the Bite- dog bites are on the rise.
  • Dulcie's Legacy- a site about the devistating story of a missing dalmatian.
  • Breaking the Silence- Owners speak out on their special bond with deaf dogs.
  • Humane Society Asks Disney to Cancel '102 Dalmatians' Promotion
  • Not a Spot Decision Breeders worry `101 Dalmatians' will spur hasty puppy buys
  • Dalmatians fill shelters as Disney movie fades from memory.
  • Dalmatians flooding animal shelters.
  • Dog lovers disagree on deaf Dalmatians' fitness as pets.
  • Breaking the Silence- owners speak out about deaf dogs.

    Mini Articles

    In Real Life, Glenn Close Is No Cruella
    NEW YORK Actress Glenn Close, who plays dog-hating Cruella DeVil in "101 Dalmatians" and the new "102 Dalmatians," loves dogs.

    After her 12-year-old dog, Gaby, died recently, leaving her lonely for a dog companion, she bought a Papillon and named it Petey Petit. She said she wanted a small dog that she could take on an airplane easily when she travels.

    Couple With Dalmatians Say It's No Disney Movie
    MIAMI, Fla. Pati Dane takes care of 101 Dalmatians, but it is nothing like the Disney movies depict it, she says. It's expensive and trying. Dane and her husband, Mark, have been taking care of unwanted Dalmatians for 11 years. According to Dane, people buy Dalmatians when they see cute depictions of them in movies and abandon them later, when they realize how difficult they can be. One of the Danes' primary goals is to educate the public so they won't have to raise so many Dalmatians.

    Activists Dog Disney
    BURBANK, Calif. Animal activists ripped into Disney on Monday for the inaccurate portrayal of Dalmatians in its latest live-action film, 102 Dalmatians. "Disney is making a fortune off these dogs, but they don't bear any responsibility for the overbreeding and...abuse they suffer later on when they're no longer cute little puppies," said Ann Herrington, an animal rights activist at a press conference at the gates of Walt Disney Studios. Activists charge that Disney promotes unhealthy stereotypes by making Dalmatians seem warm and cuddly when in fact they can be high-strung and unpredictable. This, they claim, leads to overbreeding and abandonment.


    • I Am Famous Now- a very, very sad story! Read this one with a box of kleenex!

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