Welcome! Here, you can submit your dalmatian's photo to the gallery for everybody to see! There is a short form below to fill out. If there is not a URL (website address) where I can obtain your photo, please check the box that says "Separate E-mail." By checking the box, you are saying that you will send the photo in a separate e-mail. Please include your name and your dog's name in the e-mail.

Click here to submit your photo!

Send us your photo!

Please read and understand the requirements:
  • Must be a dalmatian
  • Must contain only one dog per photo.
  • Must be appropriate, and contain no signs of abuse or neglect.
  • I have the right to edit, resize, and crop all photos.
  • Image *must* be a bitmap, jpeg, or gif! (bmp, jpg, gif)

Your name:
E-mail address:
Dog's name:
Dog's age:
URL of photo:
Remember, if you will be sending me an extra e-mail with the photo attached, please check this box, and send the e-mail to amybean04@neb.rr.com.
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