What is spaying and neutering?

Spay(ing)-to remove the ovaries of (a female animal)
Neuter(ing)-to castrate (a male animal)

If you want the definition in ENGLISH, it really means that they are doing an operation so the animal can no longer reproduce....the females have their ovaries removed and they have no way of producing eggs and the males have their testicles removed so they can no longer produce sperm to fertilize the eggs.

What are some unacceptable excuses for not spaying or neutering your dalmatian?

  • My dalmatian has great blood lines.
  • My dalmatian if perfect and would have wonderful puppies.
  • I think that my dalmatian needs to have puppies and have the joy of being a parent.
  • Her parents, and his parentsí parents, etc were bred, why canít he?
  • My dalmatian will be fine. We will just watch her.
  • I donít have the money to pay for the operations.
  • I want to make some money off the puppies.
  • I will make sure the puppies go to good homes

What is wrong with these excuses?

  • Yes, your dog may have great blood lines, but that doesnít mean a thing! That means that you will have a smart, loving, healthy dog....but it doesnít say anywhere you had to take andantage of it!
  • No dalmatian is perfect! Unless you have thouroughly researched your dog's bloodlines and there is not ONE flaw such as, hip or joint problems, heartworm, aggressivness, blindness, deafness, etc, your dalmatian is not suitable to breed.
  • Your dalmatian does not NEED to have puppies! She might have the joy of being a parent or a victim of breast cancer and other deadly diseases!
  • It doesn't matter how much a family has been bred Infact, too much breeding in one bloodline can make a small un-noticed flaw bigger and worse which hands it down to their pups, and their pups, and guess who else gets it? Their pups! This could all lead down to death! Why not be proud and say, "I chose to spay or neuter!"
  • Watching over the dog while whelping (giving birth) is good and should be done anyway. Keep in mind the whelping process could take up to 72 hours! Remember, spaying and neutering reduces aggressivness (especially in males) and reduces the risk of breast cancer and harmful diseases by 80%!
  • You might not have the money to spay or neuter but you will also not have the money to cure breast cancer, mastitis, and other deadly diseases and infections! Also, in order to raise healthy puppies, you will need: whelping box, heating pad, blankets, food, shots, vet fees, deworming (which every puppy needs), toys, outdoor and indoor playpens, advertising fees, breeding fees, Stud fees and shipping costs, medical emergency operations, hearing tests, and much more. According to the Cost of Breeding page at Dotters, the overall cost can be up to $8,000! Spaying and neutering only costs bewteen $20 and $150....depending on the size of your dog, and is very safe.
  • If you think you can make a penny of profit off your dog...you are WRONG! Think of all the expenses! Oh sure you say, "Iíll just higher the price of the pups when I sell Ďem!" Be reasonable! Who is gonna buy a pup for that much? Besides, charging to much for a faithful companion is like saying you would rather have $400 than a puppy! How rude!
  • This is an ok excuse however, how can you be sure those owners will keep the pup(s)? (i.e. Your dog had just had 8 beautiful dalmatian puppies.....you rasie them and decide to sell them for $50 a pup and a friendly home comes and gets one for a playmate for the kids. The next day, you get a call from the family saying, sorry, we took your dog to the pound for clawing and nipping our children.....go bail Ďer out or theyíll have Ďer put down!) That is an extra cost right there to get her out of the pound! Alteast find out if the family is well educated enough on the origin, behavior, and other useful information before buying the puppy. Also let them play for a while to see which one will best fit their familyís lifestyle. By the way, the above story is 100% true. All because the family didn't spend enough time with the puppy to see how is would interact with their children. We also had to readopt out own puppy out of the pound for 75$. DON'T make this mistake!

When should I spay or neuter?

If you have a female puppy, an ideal age is at 8-15 months. In males, the correct age to be neutered depends on the breed of the dog and when his testicles descend from is body. This means itís reproductive system is able to produce offspring. When your female goes into her first heat (mentrual cycle) wait a month. Never spay a female dog during her heat. (Occurs every 6 months) The uterus is swollen and the operation may damage it. Wait 1 month so you are sure the uterus is at itís normal size. It is usually not too late to spay or nueter. If you adopt a dog or have waited until he/she is about 8 in dog years (about 50 in people years), it may be too late and your dog probably canít produce offspring. Your vet can detect if your dog is sterile or not.

What are the advantages of spaying and neutering?

  • It will reduce the risk of diseases like mastitis, cancer, bacterial infections and death in both males and females.
  • It will greatly reduce aggressivness in your male and stop them from running away from home to meet in-heat females.
  • Your female wonít go into heat every 6 months and damage carpet with blood and she will not attract males from the distinct smell of a dog is season.
  • You will not have to watch out and make sure your dog doesnít mate with another and have to pay the beastly amount of money for the puppies.

What are the dis-advantages of spaying and neutering?

  • None. If you can think of any, feel free to e-mail me.

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