Young or old, your dalmatian should be properly cared for. This is a list of things you might need for a healthy, happy dog:
  • Quality dog food
  • Dog bisciuts
  • A Kennel, crate, or bed
  • Large fenced yard
  • 2 food dishes (water/food)
  • A 6 foot leash
  • A choke collar (no spikes)
  • A collar with all tags
  • A smooth coat brush
  • Shampoo
  • Grooming kit
  • Tug rope, nyla-bone, or raw-hide (no pig ears)
  • Tennis ball or frisbee


  • The list mentioned above about quality dog food. It is always better to pay the extra 2-3 dollars for better dog food than it is to have an unhealthy dog. If your dalmatian is 2 years of age or younger, it is still considered a puppy, no matter how big it is. Feed it a puppy food which is higher in calories. (ie: Purine Puppy Chow)
  • A kennel crate or bed will give your dog a place to sleep and it will help to housetrain your dog by crate training. See your vet for more information about housebreaking.
  • It is good to have a large fenced yard. Dalmatians are very active dogs so they will need a place to run around.
  • The 6 foot lead can be used with the choke chain for walks or obedience. Please do not use spiked chains. If a regular training collar (choke chain) is used properly, you will not need spikes.
  • Make sure your dog has all current shots and tags so he won't get lost. Microchipping is a new way of keeping track of your pet, and it humane and safe.
  • Dalmatians unfortunately shed year round so they will need to be brushed atleast 3 times a week. The best brushes are rubber brushes with tiny bumps or spikes.
  • Buy a good shampoo for you dog's skin type, or whatever your vet recommends. Your dog needs to be bathed every 3 months by yourself, or a professional. Do not bath more than every other month. Dalmatians have sensitive skin and overwashing can cause dryness and itching. Because dalmatians have white fur, allergies are very common.
  • A grooming kit (between $10 and $20) usually includes a brush, nail clippers and scissors for trimming fur. No not try to trim fur, it will always be short.
  • Always provide your dalmatian with plenty of chew toys and outdoor activities. This will ensure the safety of your daughter's Barbie doll head.
  • And please remember, spay or neuter your dalmatian! It's the best choice. For more information, visit our Spay & Neuter page!

Don't delay! Neuter or Spay!

First Night Home

The first night your dog is home, he may feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Be sure to make his first few days at his new home enjoyable. You can do so by doing the following:
  • Pick a day when just you and the family will be home, this will keep the excitement level down.
  • Let the dog explore it's new surroundings and family, and let him get used to everything.
  • Try to keep televisions, radios, and music off for a few days until he gets used to all of the other sounds in his new home.
  • Don't confuse the dog and try training it at first.
  • Establish eating, "outside", playing, and sleeping patterns from DAY 1.
  • Make sure to walk your dog around the neighborhood and get used to it.
  • Slowly introduce him to other pets.

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