Make no mistake about it. You really are "what you eat". For those of you who think you can eat whatever you like because you happen to look good, or aren't fat...think again! If you live on junk food, or foods that are chalk full o' cholesterol, it's only a matter of time. It's kind of hard to tell by  looking in the mirror that your arteries are one burger away from total blockage!

Personally, I believe everyone should be worried more about body composition(%body fat) than actual body weight. Everyone equates body weight to being fat...but that's just not the case. Not everyone is supposed to be the same weight. If you take care of your composition, the rest will take care of itself.

It would be a total waste of time to sit here and make a list of things to eat/don't eat. It's all about choices. Nobody is going to eat things they don't like for an extended period of time. The trick is to find the foods you like that are healthier, and eat more of them. Combine that with exercise, and that's all you need. Here are some simple guide lines to follow. These are guidelines that EVERONE can and should follow.

"The LoneTrainer's sure-fire weight loss system"

  1. Avoid DIETS at all costs...they DO NOT WORK!

  2. Drink plenty of water, all day long.

  3. Eat something every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs.

  4. Read the label. Try to avoid Saturated Fat like the plague!

  5. Hit the weights! Resistance exercise is the key! And throw in a couple BRISK walks each week.

If you do these 5 simple things and DO NOT lower your body fat % (and lose weight) let me know. I'll gladly let you shove a greasy burger(from the fast-food joint of your choice) down my throat. Heck, I'll even wash it down with a large glass of melted butter!