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The material and information on this site comes from numerous other sites.  Here I'll try to list and give credit to everyone whose information/photos I've used on this site.  If I've missed someone, I apologize, please let me know and I will give you credit.  If I've used something that you feel is rightfully yours and do not wish it to be here, please let me know and I will remove it.  My sincerest thanks goes to:

 My special thanks goes to

  • David E. Kelly for creating and producing this great show
  • To all members of the cast for making the show so beautiful, realistic but most of all enjoyable to watch.
  • Michal and Livvy for helping me with the transcripts for Bobby and Lindsay Corner, and ongoing support. 
  • Christie and Veronica for doing and providing us with season 4 summaries.  
  • Jilli for doing summaries for season 4
  • All of you who've suggested/contributed improvements for this site, everybody who's signed my guest book or posted a message at the yahoo message board at the 2000 page.
  • Rose, Tracy, Joan, Kaylene, Marry Ann, Alison, Ryana, Vickie, Caleste, Astrina, Caitie, Giebs, Bron, Dani, staci, David E.Kelly fan, all the guys in my fanfic yahoo club, mailing list, everyone I had the pleasure to post with, this list can go forever and ever so
  • thanks to everyone who ever visits this page, I hope you like it and have fun as much as I enjoyed making it...

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The Practice 2000, Credits and Disclaimer

Disclaimer: No Copyright infringement is intended by this site. The Practice, its storylines, and its characters are the property of 20th Century Fox Productions and David E. Kelley Productions. The images used throughout this site have been mostly gathered from around the net.  Some of the images on this site are Courtesy of ABC Television.