"Food Chains" - Transcript Done by Leanne

"Food Chains"

WRITTEN BY: Ed Redlick and David E.Kelley

DIRECTED BY: Stephen Cragg

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Transcript was done by Leanne.




(Rebecca driving down a busy street talking on her mobile phone)

REBECCA: "There was a message on the machine, some scientist and a monkey. I called back and set up an appointment. Yes, a real monkey... no, no she didn't say"

(A red car suddenly stops in front of Rebecca and she drives onto a sidewalk and into a window. The red car speeds away)

LADY: "Are you okay?"

REBECCA: "Yeah I'm fine. Oh my god"

(Police and tow-trucks are there)

GUY: "How you doing mam? You want to make some money today?"

REBECCA: "Excuse me"

GUY: "At least 4 or 5000, maybe more, insurance"

REBECCA: "I'm fine thankyou"

GUY: "They'll pay, they gotta pay"

REBECCA: "I said I'm not hurt"

GUY: "You never know, soft tissue damage that could be a delayed reaction thing, man here is good, he'll check it out and in six months he'll get you up to 5000, its free money. Just think about it.


(At Donnell and Associates. Lindsay, Rebecca and Jimmy)

LINDSAY: "It's a scam. The whole accident was probably staged"

REBECCA: "Do you think?"

JIMMY: "Set you the one to plough into the guy in front then they come after your insurance, since you didn't hit nobody, plan B."

REBECCA: "Plan B?"

JIMMY: "They solicit you to go after the guy who rear ended you. It's a billion-dollar industry insurance fraud, I almost went into it. (They all look at him) It's a joke"

REBECCA: "Well it's not a joke to me. I'm reporting it."

LINDSAY: "Reporting who?"

JIMMY: "Well the guilty ones fled the scene. The guy who hit you was probably an innocent. Did you get any other plate numbers?"

REBECCA: "Well what about the guy who gave me this card?"

JIMMY: "Did you get his name?"

REBECCA: "No I got the doctors name."

JIMMY: "Well you can't prove he did anything"

REBECCA: "My car got bashed, I'm taking it out on somebody"

LINDSAY: "Well maybe another rat will run by"

REBECCA: "Do you think that's funny"

JIMMY: "Alright"

REBECCA: "No, no, you wouldn't kill a rat, professional curtesy"


JIMMY: "Alright"

REBECCA: "Would you stop saying all right big head, my car got bashed there's nothing all right with that."

JIMMY: "You know what Rebecca, I think you need to have sexual relations"

REBECCA: "What!"

JIMMY: "You've been acting nasty"

REBECCA: "I have not been acting nasty"

JIMMY: "Maybe its because you are a frustrated older woman"

(Lindsay turns around with a look of absolute shock)

REBECCA: "Older woman! Who are you calling old, does this look old to you?"

(Rebecca hurls a book at Jimmy almost hitting Bobby walking through the door)

BOBBY: "What the hell is going on here"

LINDSAY: "Rebecca got into a car accident, Jimmy called her old and I think he wants to have sex with her"

JIMMY: "Not true, I'm, I'm innocent. Not true"




(Donnell and Associates. Everyone is there)

JIMMY: "Rebecca, I wasn't soliciting you for sex, this is something I wouldn't do."

REBECCA: "Cause you think I'm too old"

JIMMY: "I never meant that either, you know I didn't, I'm a kind person."

REBECCA: "Yeah, you have a heart the size of your head can we just drop this."

JIMMY: "Rude"

BOBBY: "Is there something in the water"

REBECCA: "Yeah Lindsay"

LINDSAY: "Bite me!"

BOBBY: "Alright that's it. After lunch 1:00 staff meeting, everybody there."

(Woman walks in)

WOMAN: "Excuse me I'm looking for Ellenor Frutt"

ELLENOR: "That's me"

WOMAN: "My name is Katherine Nesbitt, I called"

REBECCA: "It's the monkey"


(Laboratory. Ellenor and Katherine)

Katherine: "She grew up with us. I've been her teacher almost from birth"

ELLENOR: "But she doesn't belong to you"

KATHERINE: "No, she's owned by the Primate Centre. Ellenor you'll understand why I feel so strongly about this. Here, you might want this"

(She gives Ellenor a banana and they walk into a room with a monkey in it. The monkey is really cute, she is wearing a t-shirt and a diaper)

KATHERINE: "Hi Tina, what's up"

ELLENOR: "She just asked if I was her friend. I know sign language"

KATHERINE: "Yes I know that."

ELLENOR: "My name is Ellenor"

KATHERINE: "That's her sign name"

ELLENOR: "Hi Tina. It's nice to meet you. I can't believe she knows sign language"

KATHERINE: "Modified. She uses up to 130 signs and she knows 100 or so more than that."

ELLENOR: "The bear, can you bring it to me"


(Donnell and Associates in one of the rooms. Rebecca is in there and Lindsay walks in)

LINDSAY: "Rebecca, you and I need to clear some air"

REBECCA: "No, I was, the accident, the thought they did it on purpose, I could've been killed"

LINDSAY: "You really want to get them"

REBECCA: "Can you"

LINDSAY: "Let me see the card that guy gave you"


(Helen's office. Helen, Lindsay and Rebecca)

HELEN: "Like a sting"

LINDSAY: "Just the doctor, nothing dangerous"

HELEN: "Do you really think the accident was staged"

LINDSAY: "That's how they do it Helen, then the man with the doctors card suddenly appears"

HELEN: "Well you wouldn't be able to wear a wire, the guy would be examining you"

REBECCA: "I make for a good witness remember"

(Helen nods)


(Donnell and Associates. Eugene, Rebecca and Lindsay)

EUGENE: "Are you nuts"

REBECCA: "I'd only be meeting the chiropractor"

EUGENE: "What doctors aren't dangerous. Their criminals Rebecca, what's wrong with you (looking at Lindsay)

LINDSAY: "Bite me"

BOBBY: "Now what"

EUGENE: "Rebecca, a.k.a. Pam Greer is going undercover to break an insurance fraud ring"

BOBBY: "What"

REBECCA: "They almost got me killed"

BOBBY: "Rebecca"

REBECCA: "Don't Rebecca me"

BOBBY: "Do you have any idea what you're getting into"

REBECCA: "Bobby I have already said yes, if you have a problem bite her (looking at Lindsay)

LINDSAY: "It's just a meeting with the doctor"


(Laboratory. Ellenor, Katherine and Tina)

ELLENOR: "Why are they getting rid of her"

KATHERINE: "It's not just Tina. The Primate Centre closes on Thursday, all the research animals have been sold to a bio-medical lab.

ELLENOR: "And at the biomedical lab Tina..."

KATHERINE: "Exactly. They will probably experiment on her, maybe her brain. There's a likelihood they'll even K.I.L.L, I don't think she's listening but just in case, she knows that word.

ELLENOR: "I don't know, we can try and get a temporary injunction."

KATHERINE: "Miss Frutt, I really don't have a lot of money"

ELLENOR: "Do you have a house? I'm kidding"


(Donnell and Associates, conference room. Everyone is there)

BOBBY: "First of all, the idea of partnership or equity I'm not sure its something that any of you really want. You don't just share the profit you share the debt, which we still have."

LINDSAY: "That debt can be erased by a buy-in. If we buy into the partnership that will create a surplus that could wipe out most of our deficits plus in exchange for equity we could all agree to reduce our salaries that will lower overheads"

EUGENE: "Problem is I can't afford to make less. I barely crack my nut as it is."

LINDSAY: "You don't have to buy-in Eugene. Its not like anyone's hand is being forced."

EUGENE: "Yes, but if you buy-in Lindsay which maybe you can afford since you don't pay child support you become a partner don't you?"

LINDSAY: "Meaning?"

EUGENE: "Meaning you'd be in a position to force hands"

LINDSAY: "This isn't about power"

EUGENE: "Oh don't give me that"

LINDSAY: "This has nothing to do"

EUGENE: "Your looking for a say in how this place is run, are you going to deny that"

LINDSAY: "That doesn't translate into power"

|EUGENE: "Then what does it translate into"

|ELLENOR: "Come on Lindsay lets not deny this is a little about power"

JIMMY: "It could be more that she slept with him"

|LINDSAY: "Shut up"

|ELLENOR: "Shut up"

|BOBBY: "Oh Jimmy for crying out loud"

LINDSAY: "This is about promoting the firm"

ELLENOR: "Yeah, promoting yourself within the firm"

LINDSAY: "To help everyone"

ELLENOR: "Yeah, including yourself. Are you going to deny that too"

LINDSAY: "Are you going to deny you're frustrated Ellenor"

ELLENOR: "Do you hear me complain"

LINDSAY: "I don't have to. A friend of mine works at Harrigan Dunn, you interviewed there last week for a job"

ELLENOR: "That has nothing to do with this. I'm due in court. I have to go save an ape"

(Ellenor storms out)

LINDSAY: "Haven't we moved up. We represent monkeys now. But hey, so long as Eugene gets to crack his nuts"

(Lindsay storms out)

REBECCA: "No problems here."


(Doctors office. Chiropractor is examining Rebecca)

DOCTOR: "Tightness here and here"

REBECCA: "I'm not in any pain"

DOCTOR: "Could you push up against me please. Now this really hurts. It feels like a burning sensation. The whole back area is spasming. See the pain radiates out from the spinal column like a starfish or like arrows, but we'll go over that"

REBECCA: "Markus said 4 or 5000"

DOCTOR: "Just a second. Alison could you come in here please. Need to see you a number of times. Set up a pattern of treatment all right. This type of soft tissue inflammation can take several months to treat."

REBECCA: "I understand"

DOCTOR: "We're going to start Ms Washington on a routine of 3 times a week for the first month. I'll have you sign in for the first 5 weeks now and then I'll see you in just over a month okay"

REBECCA: "okay"

DOCTOR: "You're going to need a lawyer to submit your claim. I have a number of names"

REBECCA: "I'm actually the office manager of a small law firm. I'm sure one of the attorneys will be glad to handle tis for me."

DOCTOR: "Yeah, I don't know. Insurance law can be a tricky business. You want someone who can handle this kind of thing"

REBECCA: "Actually, this kind of thing is right up our alley."

DOCTOR: "Really. That's something we might want to talk about sometime. Okay."




(Court. Ellenor, Judge Hiller - Monkey case)

HILLER: "I don't get the point. Your client doesn't own the animal"

ELLENOR: "My client would be happy to buy the chimpanzee but the defendant won't sett her"

LAWYER: "We're not permitted to sell off our research animals to individuals and Dr Nesbitt knows that better than all of us"

ELLENOR: "Look I'm not going to stand up here and pretend we're not asking for special treatment. I am standing here because I think this situation warrants it"

HILLER: "Why?"

ELLENOR: "Because the chimpanzee has socially and emotionally bonded with Dr Nesbitt"

HILLER: "Oh please. My dog likes to lick my feet she's still a dog."

ELLENOR: "Yes but can your dog laugh, can your dog form sentences and talk to you"

HILLER: "Can the monkey"

ELLENOR: "Yes. She knows sign language. Not just words your honour, but word combinations. Nouns and verbs and she uses language to communicate"

LAWYER: "Your honour, there are hundreds of chimpanzees in primate centres that have all learnt sign language"

ELLENOR: "Yes, but this one could be killed if she's transferred"

LAWYER: "You don't know that"

ELLENOR: "Your honour, this is tantamount to a child custody case where we would ask you to rule in the best interests of the child."

HILLER: "With one small exception. A child has rights. A chimpanzee doesn't"

ELLENOR: "That may change judge. As we speak there is a case being bought to confer equality on great apes"

HILLER: "That case isn't before me counsel and frankly I don't care about it. All apes may be created equal but they are not equal to humans"

KATHERINE: "Your honour, I really don't appreciate your dismiss..."

HILLER: "Doctor, do you know how backed up my docket is. Do you know how long people have to wait for their day in court? She's a monkey!"


(Bobby's office. Bobby and Lindsay)

LINDSAY: "I'm to blame"

BOBBY: "Yes"

LINDSAY: "Ellenor goes out on an interview and I'm"

BOBBY: "You're the one who opened Pandora's box. Not me"

LINDSAY: "Oh here you go again. Refusing to take responsibility for poor leadership"

BOBBY: "I could fire you. That's leadership"

LINDSAY: "Go ahead. But you had better get an opinion letter first cause the fact that we've slept together with today's laws"

BOBBY: "What you're going to claim sexual harassment now"

(Outside Bobby's office. Eugene is reading a book and Jimmy is listening at the door.)

LINDSAY: "That would sort of be manipulating the law wouldn't it. What vacuum could have I possibly learnt that in"

JIMMY: "This is good"

EUGENE: "Jimmy"

JIMMY: "No, no I mean really good"

(Back inside bobby's office)

BOBBY: "This isn't about office politics or improving the firm, this is about you and me sleeping together."

(Outside again. Eugene is starting to look concerned.)

LINDSAY: "We're not sleeping together any more"

BOBBY: "That's what this is about"

(Back inside bobby's office)

BOBBY: "That we are not"

LINDSAY: "You called a meeting back there to open a discussion, which we did and it comes out that Ellenor has put herself on the market and your saying that's my fault. You have issues with these people Bobby. You want to lay them all on me go ahead, it's who you are "

(Lindsay walks out near tears. Jimmy is busted listening at the door)

JIMMY: "Hey, Hows it going."

(Bobby gives him a disgusted look)


(Helen's office. Helen, Rebecca and Dickie Flood. Rebecca is looking at mug shots)

REBECCA: "That's him. No doubt."

HELEN: "You know him?"

DICKIE: "Markus Robbins. Yeah, he used to be …… (I couldn't quite make that part out). I guess he's moved up now."

REBECCA: "They work for doctors?"

DICKIE: "No, no he and the doctors work for somebody bigger. But this Dr. Spivak, he's new to us."

REBECCA: "He's already got me set up for 2 months of treatment"

DICKIE: "He has to run your medical bills to 2000 before you can claim pain and suffering"

REBECCA: "Can you arrest him?"

DICKIE: "The doctor, you know from what you told us maybe we can get him up on fraud charges, but I'd…"

HELEN: "But what?"

DICKIE: "How far are you willing to take this?"


(Donnell and Associates. Helen, Jimmy, Bobby and Eugene)

JIMMY: "Me?"

HELEN: "The fact that this is a real firm"

BOBBY: "But why Jimmy"

HELEN: "Well nothing personal"

JIMMY: "Go ahead"

HELEN: "Those "Jimmy the Grunt" commercials, you seem like the perfect lawyer… I think they might believe you could be one of them."

BOBBY: "Its too dangerous. Its one thing to meet with the doctor but"

EUGENE: "Plus, I don't even think we can do what you're talking about. Attorney client privilege. We can't sting a client."

REBECCA: "I want to do it"

BOBBY: "Exactly what are we talking about here"

HELEN: "Well for Jimmy to be assigned some cases the leader of the ring would want to check him out"

BOBBY: "Sounds too risky"

HELEN: "Its up to you. I don't think there's any risk of physical danger but its totally up to you"

REBECCA: "I'm in"

JIMMY: "So am I"

EUGENE: "Bad, bad idea"


(Court. Ellenor - Monkey case)

KATHERINE: "I was basically the primatologist in charge of training her"

ELLENOR: "Training her in"

KATHERINE: "Language, communication"

ELLENOR: "So Tina actually knows sign language"


HILLER: "You mean she obeys commands or she actually understands what words mean"

KATHERINE: "I mean she conveys information your honour. She can actually tell me about her physical and mental well being. She can use abstract symbols and she can teach sign language to other apes."

ELLENOR: "You make her sound almost human"

KATHERINE: "She is almost human. In fact, almost 98% of a chimpanzee's DNA is the same. Exactly the same as a humans"

LAWYER: "Alright lets be clear. You believe in animal testing for medical research"

KATHERINE: "Yes, but the line between"

LAWYER: "We'll get to the line in a second. But your okay with using animals, sacrificing animals for AIDS research, cancer research"

KATHERINE: "But not apes"

LAWYER: "But not apes. No cruelty to apes. The primate research that you do doctor, does it ever involve cruelty to the apes"

KATHERINE: "I try not to be cruel"

LAWYER: "Yeah, lets check the hypocrisy at the door. If we're talking about the best interest of the ape it would be to leave it in the wild right"


LAWYER: "I mean being caged in a primate centre isn't such a good thing for the chimpanzees"

KATHERINE: "I am up here talking about one chimpanzee period"

LAWYER: "And that is not doubt the truth isn't it. You love this ape"

KATHERINE: "I am not denying that"

LAWYER: "You lover her like your own child. Isn't that what this is all about doctor."

KATHERINE: "It's not just me loving her. She loves me. This is a species capable of loving Mr Myron, capable of sadness, depression do you get that."

LAWYER: "Are apes the only species capable of emotional bonding?"


LAWYER: "Dolphins, elephants"

KATHERINE: "Not nearly to the capacity of the chimpanzee."

LAWYER: "Yes but a dolphin does emotionally bond, an elephant can get depressed. I even read a story once about a hog. It was separated from her owner and she suffered from severe weight loss and died due to depression. Would that be possible."

KATHERINE: "Might be"

LAWYER: "So what are we suppose to do. Are we supposed to come up with some kind of bonding test? If the animal passes, different rules."

KATHERINE: "Don't mock me Mr Myron."

LAWYER: "I am not mocking you doctor. I am just wondering about the next scientist sitting in that chair who says my pig loves me you can't kill her."


(Bobby's office. Bobby and Eugene)

BOBBY: "If I fire her, what's the pulse going to be around here?"


BOBBY: "What she's done. What she's stirred up. This office has never been about greed."

EUGENE: "Look, Lindsay's not about greed either, we both know that."

BOBBY: "Do you think I'm guilty of bad leadership?"

EUGENE: "You talked to Ellenor yet? Going out on interviews, asked her about that?"

BOBBY: "I will"

EUGENE: "You will. Bobby, Lindsay's right. We don't have a plan."

BOBBY: "Why do we even really need one. We make a living, we're all our own bosses for the most part. There's something to be said for that."

EUGENE: "There's something to be said for owning a house too. I've got a son. I've got his education to think about. College takes money, now if those days are ahead for him, if those days are ahead for us, then Lindsay may be right. We got to have a better plan."

BOBBY: "She has poisoned this place. Eugene I think we should broom her. We start fresh and then we build a partnership if that's the answer."

EUGENE: "Look man, everybody here loves Lindsay. Now next to Rebecca, she's the closest thing this place has to a conscience. And you love her too. Maybe more than you know."

(Shows Lindsay in the main office looking at Bobby's door. She looks sad, you can hear muffled voices.)




(Ellenor and Bobby in the hall in front of the office door.

Ellenor is coming out of the office and Bobby is heading towards the office. Bobby walks straight past her.)

ELLENOR: "Stupid monkey case, I'm off to court."

BOBBY: "Are you going to leave Ellenor?"

ELLENOR: "I was just seeing what was out there Bobby."

BOBBY: "Well, people don't go interviewing if they don't plan to leave."

ELLENOR: "Well, if you've answered your own question why even bother to ask it."

BOBBY: "There's your answer and there's my answer."

ELLENOR: "I just think I need to take a good look at what's out there and maybe take a better look at what's in here."

BOBBY: "What the hell does that mean?"

ELLENOR: "It means, if you've been sleeping with her and there's been a shift in the balance of power that I don't know about I don't like it."

(Ellenor walks away and Bobby looks at the door.)

(Bobby walks in through the office door slamming behind him shattering the glass in the door. Lindsay, Jimmy, Rebecca and Bobby. They all look at each other before Bobby walks off to his office.)

REBECCA: "Helen, Helen said don't act anxious."

JIMMY: "I won't"

REBECCA: "Where's the meeting?"

JIMMY: "Across the street, coffee shop"

(The three of them are all still standing there looking at the door shocked.)


(Street. Ellenor and Spivak. Ellenor comes out of the office building and they bump into each other.)

|ELLENOR: "I'm sorry"

|SPIVAK: "I'm sorry"

SPIVAK: "Ellenor? Fred Spivak"

ELLENOR: "Oh my god! Fred"

SPIVAK: "I don't believe it. How are you?

ELLENOR: "I'm great. God it's great to see you. What a surprise. Last I heard you were in medical school."

SPIVAK: "Chiropractor. And you? I saw you on TV once, you're a lawyer."

ELLENOR: "Guilty"

SPIVAK: "You were like defending some porn queen or something charged with murder."

ELLENOR: "Yep, guilty again, but she was innocent."

SPIVAK: "You look great."

ELLENOR: "Thank you. You do to. You know, I gotta go I'm late for court but, can I call you?"

SPIVAK: "Yes, absolutely, here I'll give you my card."

ELLENOR: "Great to see you Fred."

SPIVAK: "Yeah"

ELLENOR: "I will call you, today."

SPIVAK: "Terrific"


(Helen's office. Helen and Lindsay)

HELEN: "So what's gonna happen?"

LINDSAY: "I don't know. We'll have another big meeting, it'll probably turn into a shout-fest, Bobby'll run off and buy another suit and everything will stay the same."

HELEN: "Then leave, come here, it's fun. We might even get to bring the death penalty back. You're not smiling."

LINDSAY: "Helen, you think you and Bobby will get back together?"

HELEN: "Oh boy."

LINDSAY: "Nothing's going to happen between us, but, oh, I think I'm in love with him. Don't ask me to say it twice."

HELEN: (Looking shocked) "Bobby and I are over."

LINDSAY: "Don't get all diplomatic with me okay. You're the one he wants not me which is fine you know, I'm okay with it but what I'm not okay with is staying there if you want him, because then it would be messy. And, it, and if the two of you have a future, just don't feed me that unselfish diplomatic crap okay."

HELEN: "Who's feeding who crap. If Bobby and I have a future you'll quit the firm. What are you a cross between cupid and Glenda the good witch of the north?"

LINDSAY: "Oh shut up"

HELEN: "Don't tell me to shut up. If you love the guy, be a woman about it, claw my eyes out. I'd do it to you."

LINDSAY: (Laughs) "Okay. He's not even into me Helen. You know nothing's going to happen anyway."

HELEN: "What you're saying is if there's anything between Bobby and me you'll leave and if there isn't you'll stay and let things fall where they would fall."

LINDSAY: "Basically"

HELEN: "Well, Bobby and I are over."

(Lindsay doesn't look happy)

HELEN: "You love him."

(Lindsay lets out a sad sigh)


(Coffee shop. Jimmy and Spivak)

JIMMY: "What's my cut?"

SPIVAK: "20 per cent."

JIMMY: "20. My contingency's 33, why the hell would I…"

SPIVAK: "We're not asking you to build the case, we're giving it to you. Liability and damages."

JIMMY: "Even so"

SPIVAK: "Rebecca said this is up your alley."

JIMMY: "Well, my alley is real-estate loans, bankin."

SPIVAK: "This is a lot easier than that."

JIMMY: "Okay. But I don't want to know nothing. You tell your patients to just give me the bills and the version of how it happened."

SPIVAK: "Well, they're going to know you know, that's why I'd be sending them"

JIMMY: "I just don't want it said plain. If they want to wind fine, but my arse stays covered."

SPIVAK: "Okay, got it."

JIMMY: "So how do we go from here."

SPIVAK: "A man named Roland Mapp will come and see you."

JIMMY: "He's the guy?"

SPIVAK: "Right. He'll want to check out your place of work. Listen, if you think you can cut a better deal go ahead."


(Hillers chambers. Hiller, Ellenor, Katherine, Myron and his client)

HILLER: "We can continue with this case if we want but I just have to ask. This can't be bringing anybody good publicity. If she's willing to buy the monkey."

ELLENOR: "Chimpanzee"

HILLER: "Whatever."

MYRON: "Your honour. These chimpanzees cost about 20000 dollars. Could you really afford to buy her?"

KATHERINE: "No, but maybe I could raise the money."

MYRON: "Second. If we open the door to the idea that they could be bought. Watch out."

HILLER: "Why?"

MYRON: "Because animal groups all over will be starting trust funds. Research cannot be contaminated by politics or…"

DIRECTOR: "Bottom line is this is a research animal and they're asking you to treat it otherwise."

MYRON: "And if you do what about the next chimp and the one after that and"

ELLENOR: "I'd like you to meet her."

HILLER: "Who?"

ELLENOR: "Tina. I'd like you to meet the research animal we're talking about. She could be bought here right?"

KATHERINE: "Absolutely"

HILLER: "I'm afraid of monkeys"

ELLENOR: "Look, we all know her fate if she goes off into the world of biomedical research. Is it too inhuman of us to spend 15 minutes with her first?"

HILLER: "2:00"

|MYRON: "Your honour"

|DIRECTOR: "Oh come on"

HILLER: "2:00. I'll meet with the ape."


(Donnell and Associates Conference room. Everybody except Bobby)

EUGENE: "In chambers. You're bringing a baboon to chambers."

ELLENOR: "Chimpanzee"

EUGENE: "Are we getting any money on this."

ELLENOR: "Not everything is about money. Just ask Lindsay."

LINDSAY: "You can bite me twice!"

(Bobby enters the conference room)

BOBBY: "Okay. First, this is my firm, I started it, it will always be more mine than anybody else's. Second. I'm not about to change the way we operate, this is what it is. No management committees, no administrative partners. We see a case we want we take it."

EUGENE: "Third. There's gotta be a third."

BOBBY: "Third. I need your commitment. To get it I'm willing to commit back. I'll waive buy-ins starting today based on seniority. Eugene, you get 12%, Ellenor 10, Lindsay 8, Rebecca 5. Jimmy in another year, you start at 8. Voting rights, I get 2 the rest of you get 1. That's as fair as I get. Lindsay, since you've been such a catalyst, I'll put you in charge of drafting the papers. Any questions? Good"

JIMMY: "I gotta question. Why do I gotta wait a year?"

BOBBY: "Jimmy, you've only been here a year and a half. You'll get equity after being here only 2 and a half years. Where else could you do that? Anybody else have a complaint?"

(They all shake their heads. Bobby leaves)


(Hillers chambers. Hiller, Ellenor, Katherine, Tina, Myron and his client)

KATHERINE: "I think she's just being shy, she gets shy."

ELLENOR: "Which I might add is something else to be considered. She's capable of shyness."

MYRON: "Oh boy can you spin. Maybe she's just pleading the fifth."

ELLENOR: "You know what we don't need that"

HILLER: "How old is she?"

KATHERINE: "She's 5"

HILLER: "And her intelligence would be?"

KATHERINE: "The same as a 3 year old"

HILLER: "Human"

KATHERINE: "Human yes"

ELLENOR: "Tina tell the judge hello, tell her your name, go ahead."

KATHERINE: "Here try this"

(Katherine gives Hiller a banana)


(The camera keeps flashing between Hiller and Tina looking each other in the eyes)

HILLER: "Would you like a banana Tina?"

(Tina makes a gesture towards her nose)

HILLER: "She just flipped me off"

KATHERINE: "No, no she didn't"

HILLER: "I know when I'm being flipped off. Bad monkey"

(Tina jumps up and down on Hillers desk laughing sending papers and candy flying)

KATHERINE: "Tina stop it"

ELLENOR: "Sit down"

(Tina jumps into Katherine's arms)

HILLER: Very, very bad monkey. (To Ellenor) She's a little bitch!"


(McCall's. Ellenor and Spivak)

ELLENOR: "It is not funny, we are trying to save her life."

SPIVAK: "Well you do get some interesting cases Ellenor. I wish I did."

ELLENOR: "Its not fun being a chiropractor?"

SPIVAK: "Ah, I can't say everything turned out the way I thought or hoped"

ELLENOR: "Well, your not too old to switch careers."

SPIVAK: "Thanks, I know that was meant to flatter me. I've got alimony and child support."

ELLENOR: "How many kids to you have?"

SPIVAK: "Two, great ones, they live with their mum."

ELLENOR: "Do you get to see them?"

SPIVAK: "Oh yeah. I coach little league, my eldest Kevin plays for me so in the Spring I see him everyday" (That part was a little mumbled so sorry if it is completely wrong)

ELLENOR: "That's great"

SPIVAK: "Yeah, none for you?"

ELLENOR: "No, I'm waiting for that perfect guy to come along you know."

SPIVAK: "Yeah, Elle you know those stories you hear about how children change your life."


SPIVAK: "All true"

ELLENOR: "Sounds like you love em."


(Bobby's office. Bobby and Rebecca)

REBECCA: "I'm going so you'll have to lockup"

BOBBY: "Okay"

REBECCA: "I'm just a secretary you know"

BOBBY: "Excuse me?"

REBECCA: "Why are you making me a partner?"

BOBBY: "Because you're not just a secretary"

REBECCA: "I don't even think its legal technically to make a non lawyer a partner."

BOBBY: "Sue me"

REBECCA: "Bobby you don't have to do this."

BOBBY: "Splitting up the pie, that was a difficult decision. Giving some of it to you was easy."

REBECCA: "Thankyou"

BOBBY: "Yeah, hows that sting thing going?"

REBECCA: "Pretty good. Bobby, thankyou."




(Research lab. Katherine, Ellenor and Tina)

ELLENOR: "Do you really have to tell her?"

KATHERINE: "Ellenor, if we lose, she goes tonight. I have to prepare her."

ELLENOR: "I thought she sort of already knows."

KATHERINE: "She doesn't know tonight"

ELLENOR: "Katherine, cards on the table."

KATHERINE: "Excuse me?"

ELLENOR: "Obviously you do love her. Is this more about that or are these animals really"

KATHERINE: "They're different Ellenor. I'm not denying loving her. But you know we use to say what separated humans from all other species was language but that isn't true any more. Brain scans show they have the same brain architecture as we do for language and yet… I'd better tell her."

ELLENOR: "Do you want me to leave you alone?"

KATHERINE: "Actually no, she's a little bit more stoic in front of strangers, it'll make it easier for me. I don't want her to see me getting…"

(She sits in front of Tina)

KATHERINE: "Tina, we talked before, you maybe have to go live with somebody else.

(Tina shakes her head)

KATHERINE: "Yes, you maybe have to go soon.

(Tina signs when)

KATHERINE: "Tonight"

(Tina signs something)

KATHERINE: "No that's not why, I do love you."

(They hug)


(Office – Rebecca and Jimmy)

REBECCA: "Jimmy, Jimmy Roland Mapp, he just called"

JIMMY: "Okay"

REBECCA: "11:00 the guys coming in. Are we ready, is the room ready?"

JIMMY: "It's all set."

REBECCA: "Don't push it."

JIMMY: "I won't"

REBECCA: "If you're too anxious Jimmy."

JIMMY: "I ain't gonna be too anxious Rebecca"

(Bobby walks in)

BOBBY: "What's going on?"

REBECCA: "Big sting, 11:00 the guys coming, ooh I should call Helen."

BOBBY: "Do you need any backup?"

JIMMY: "No, I better go it alone."

(Bobby's office – Bobby and Jimmy)

JIMMY: "I can do it alone. I don't need backup."

BOBBY: "Fine"

JIMMY: "Fine, I appreciate the confidence."

BOBBY: "What's that about?"

JIMMY: "You make the others partner, me I gotta wait. You don't trust me with cases, I gotta dig 'em up myself. I'm a little sick of it all."

BOBBY: "Hold it, close the door Jimmy. There isn't a single law firm in this city that will give you equity in side of 3 years. You could be on the street that long trying to find on e that would even hire you. Ellenor, Eugene and Lindsay have helped build this place. Giving them partnership would be meaningless if I also gave it to you. I am sorry to say it but you need to hear it."

JIMMY: "I am going to see this sting thing through, then I quit."

BOBBY: "Go ahead. If you're not happy quit. I'm tired of trying to make everybody happy around here."


(Court – monkey case)

ELLENOR: "Last week, a colleague of mine stomped a rate to death and I cheered. Don't get me wrong I love animals, you would never catch me wearing a fur coat, but I do know the food chain. I've had friends die of cancer, AIDS, and I'm in favour of using animals in laboratories if it will help us find a cure to these terrible diseases. But at some point we do have to draw a line. Where? I don't know, I would make for a very lousy judge. But we all met Tina didn't we. If an animal can think. If it can put a noun together with a verb and communicate. If it can feel and it can love. If it is smart enough to understand a little of what this hearing is about. Smart enough to look right back at you and ask why. And when she does ask why if our only answer is that well, we're human and you're not well, there's something wrong. We would never send a 2 year old child to some laboratory for medical research and not just because under the constitution a human child has rights but because it would be unthinkable. So why doesn't the same principle apply here. Because she's inhuman. Well there's inhuman your honour and there's inhuman.

MYRON: "Counsel presented a persuasive moral argument, but that's all it was, a moral one, and she's admitted legally, they lose.

HILLER: "Unless I'm willing to re-examine the law"

MYRON: "You could do that but talk about your slippery slope. Your honour, no matter how, however moral we try to paint humanity we are a species that kills animals for food, for clothing, for belts, shoes, pocket-books, we kill them for medical research and we kill them for sport. But once you start saying oh no no no certain animals should be exempt cause they're smarter. Well, good luck I mean what kind of test do we apply here DNA, intelligence, emotional capacity, I I I , we're talking opening a floodgate here.

HILLER: "I could open the gate only for the chimpanzee"

MYRON: "Yes but then here comes the save the whale foundation calling you arbitrary. The animal world it's wonderful and it's just full of miracles and reasons for us to just leave them alone. Look at every species and you'll find something miraculous, something that says don't sacrifice that life. But in a court of law, we deal with the human race your honour. Like it or not, this arena, it's about human rights and just as you said at the beginning of all this, she's a monkey.


(Office – sting. Jimmy, Roland Mapp, Helen, Dickie Flood. This scene flicks between the conference room with Jimmy and Mapp and another room with a TV screen and Helen and Dickie.)

MAPP: "Once we get a record of treatment we're in the clear.

JIMMY: "Okay. The check comes in, so when do I see mine?"

MAPP: "You got to get power of attorney. All the payments will be made out to you."

JIMMY: "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that kind of paper-trail."

MAPP: "Well, we can't count on the client to cut and divvy. Look, you pay me in cash. I pay the doctor."

JIMMY: "That's a no go. Do you see who I'm in practice with here. Bobby Donnell, he's pretty high profile."

MAPP: "He doesn't have to know a thing. All he knows is that these are your clients. That doesn't bring exposure to you or anybody else here."

DICKIE: "He's pretty good"

HELEN: "Yes he is."

MAPP: "So we'll start with Rebecca, see how it goes"

JIMMY: "Okay"


(Court – Monkey case)

COURT: "All rise. Be seated"

HILLER: "I didn't much care for the personality of your little ape. And Mr Myron, you're right. The human race rules on the planet and in this room. But as such I think judges are aloud to be human once in a while. I looked into her eyes. I'm not going to be the one who sends her off to be experimented on. Dr Nesbitt, we need to work out a restitution plan but you get custody. Adjourned.


(Street. Ellenor and Spivak)

ELLENOR: "I mean I've had wins, I've had big wins but for a monkey I'm almost crying."

SPIVAK: "I'll be overturned?"

ELLENOR: "No, they're not going to appeal. Speaking of which, I have the court order, I'm suppose to meet the doctor down at the centre so, thankyou very much for dinner."

SPIVAK: "Can I see you again?"

ELLENOR: "I'd love that"

SPIVAK: "Great, I'll call"

(Spivak kisses Ellenor on the cheek)




(Office. Jimmy and Dickie Flood)

DICKIE: "So basically you just play it out and as much as you can, play it out in that room."

JIMMY: "Okay"

DICKIE: "And not need to rush it, just let it take its own course."

JIMMY: "Alright"

DICKIE: "Alright. Ah thanks Jimmy. For all the bad blood."

JIMMY: "We're on the same side now."

DICKIE: "Yeah, bye. I'll be in touch."

(Dickie leaves and Bobby comes out of his office)

BOBBY: "I don't want you to quit. I don't want to lose you. I do believe in you and I do believe that you'll be a good partner. But when you get it you'll feel better knowing you earned it."

JIMMY: "I'm tired of being the brunt. I know I bought a lot of it on myself with the commercial but I been doing good work here."

BOBBY: "Without a doubt."

JIMMY: "And ah I don't like being told to shut up, I don't like everybody calling me bighead and I don't like being laughed at. Maybe I haven't earnt partner yet but I've earnt respect and I want it."

BOBBY: "Jimmy everybody kids you because they adore you. Don't you know that."

JIMMY: "I'm not a pet"


(Laboratory. Katherine, Primate Centre Director and Ellenor)

KATHERINE: "I do plan on paying for her"

DIRECTOR: "I know. Kathy, I don't agree with their ruling and publicly I'll decent but privately"

ELLENOR: "Now you tell us"

DIRECTOR: "You take very good care of her"


(Katherine walks into the room where Tina is)

KATHERINE: "Tina, you, me, live together"

(Tina jumps up into her arms squawking. Ellenor looks happy.)


(Street. Helen and Lindsay)

HELEN: "Think the place will change?"

LINDSAY: "A little, but that's the point. In spirit we won't change."

HELEN: "How about with you and me?"

LINDSAY: "What?"

HELEN: "You're my best friend Lindsay. Whatever happens with you and Bobby"

LINDSAY: "It won't affect you and me."

(Helen and Lindsay both smiling)


(Office. Jimmy is closing up the office. Turning lights off and closing the front door. He looks at the new title on the door.

"Donnell, Young, Dole and Frutt

Attorneys At Law"

He looks sad and walks to the elevator with his shoulders slumped.)







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