"Save the Mule" - Transcript Done by Barbara

Save the Mule

Written by: Ed Redlich and Andrew Smith

Directed by John Patterson

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I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show 'The Practice'. They were created by David E. Kelley and belong to him and David E. Kelley Productions.

This transcript was written by Barbara and Melly

Save the Mule

First few scenes transcribed by Melly, (best_1_98@yahoo.com)… unfortunately I started taping too late. Big thanks to her for doing this. The rest of the episode transcribed by me! (Barbara)


Extra Characters:

Teresa Cortez – Lindsay's client, a woman who tried smuggling drugs but got caught.
John Aikman – Teresa's pusher, also a client of Lindsay's and the firms.
Benny – John Aikman's `assistant.'
Teresa's doctor – Same doctor that takes care of Lindsay when she is stabbed.
Samuel Feldberg – Bobby's `crazy' client.
Mr. Daley – US attorney opposing Lindsay
Mr. Lowry – Man who works custom at the airport, testifies against Teresa.


Lindsay is waiting in front of some big fence. She looks at her watch it looks like she's waiting for someone. The gate is opened by some guy, there is another guy walking towards it from the other side. Lindsay turns around and walks up to him.

The guy: Allan Daley.

Lindsay: Lindsay Dole. Is she in there?

Mr. Daley: Yeap... (they walk together towards the building) We are holding her on suspicion of smuggling. I hope you have a strong stomach, it's not exactly a four star hotel.

They are just about to walk inside the building called US Customs Service...


Mr. Daley: They are all swallowers here. We bring them here straight from the criminal...

(there are people lying around on beds, not pretty at all, all holding stomachs looks like they are sick, they finally come up to one bed and Mr. Daley points to a girl that is lying there)

Lindsay: Miss Cortez, my name is Lindsay Dole. Do you speak English?

Teresa: A little. Thank you for coming.

Lindsay: Have they arrested you? (she looks around, Mr. Daley is now outside, she can see him through the glass. She then asks her in Spanish the same, again)

Teresa: No. The ask questions and bring me here.

Lindsay: (concerned as Teresa doesn't look good) Are you OK?

Teresa: Yes.

Lindsay puts her hand over her face.

Lindsay: You have fever!

Teresa: No! I am not sick!

Lindsay: I disagree. (she put her hand on Teresa's stomach) Oh My God, your stomach. It's like a rock! I am gonna get you a doctor.

Teresa: No! (Teresa grabs Lindsay's hand to stop her) Please. No doctor. No doctor.

Lindsay look around, concerned. Mr. Daley is waiting outside.

She's now walking out and walks towards a car, gets in. Benny Small is there, he was waiting for her.

Lindsay: She needs to go to a hospital.

Benny: They won't let her go? 

Lindsay: No, they won't let her go. Not before she has a bowel movement.

Benny: Can't let that happen Lindsay. If she takes...

Lindsay: How much cocaine did this woman swallow?

Benny: I don't know facts. I am just told to get you down to protect this woman's constitutional rights.

Lindsay: Yeah, let's hear it for civil liberties.

Benny: If she cracks we are dead!


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Bobby: (on the phone to Lindsay) Whatever they do, don't let them give her any coffee.

Lindsay: I won't, but Bobby, I think she needs medical treatment. (to the guard, yelling) She needs a doctor!

Teresa: No. No doctors.

Lindsay: We are gonna need some fast research on probable cause and customs. This is ridiculous (she looks around again) Bye....

She then walks up to a guard.

Lindsay: Get this woman to a hospital. (and then keeps walking towards some glass door yelling at the guard that's sitting inside) Get this woman to a hospital right now or you are all looking at manslaughter. You think I am kidding?!

Swoosh to the office, Bobby is holding up a phone towards his client John Aikman, Lindsay is on the other end.

John Aikman: I don't care! You don't let them do anything invasive!

Lindsay: She's in trouble.

John Aikman: She's refusing treatment, just ask her. Ask Benny!

Lindsay: That could be a health risk. That could be a conflict of interest.

Bobby: (puts the phone on his ear) Lindsay she is refusing medical treatment.

Lindsay: Yeah because Aikman has her too scared.

Bobby: All right let them treat the symptoms but nothing invasive.  Pills, I V is fine but no X-rays. That's the client's wish.

Lindsay: Fine!

She hangs up.

In the office

John Aikman: She better do what she's told. (about to leave Bobby's office)

Bobby: Who are talking about, the lawyer or the mule?

John Aikman: Both! (walks out)


One of Jimmy Clients (guy): Basically our lawyer just dropped us.  Jimmy: Five weeks before the trial.

Another one of Jimmy Clients ( lady): One week before summary judgment hearing.

Jimmy: Did he give you a reason why?

Jimmy's Client ( another lady): He said we had no case.

Now outside the office, after the meeting.  Ellenor is pouring herself some coffee.

Ellenor: Cancer cluster?

Jimmy: They all live near the power lines in Madfield. They sued the state.

Ellenor: No offer?

Jimmy: Not a penny! It's going to trial. Lawyer dropped them yesterday.

Ellenor: It sounds like a major dog (?) Jimmy. I wouldn't touch it.

Jimmy: (sighs to himself) Yeah.... (Ellenor walks away) Maybe I'll just meet with this lawyer.


OK, they are all talking at the same time, very hard to make out what they are saying.... Teresa is being wheeled into a hospital.

Paramedic: I need a complete (???).... X-rays...

Lindsay: No, no X-rays, in fact I don't want you to even hold her without....

Paramedic: She met the profile..

Mr. Daley: She was invasive and (???).

Lindsay: Evasive gets you detention, not custody and certainly not X-rays.

They are arguing, can't tell what they are saying....

Doctor (female); Who are those people?

Paramedic: Pulse is 94 over 45. Temperature is 103.4

Doctor saying something at the same time: ... Let's get an NG as fast as we can.

Lindsay: My client is not to receive any evasive medical treatment.

Doctor: All of you people. Out of here! NOW!

Mr. Daley: Miss Cortez is in the custody of the customs.

Lindsay: If she's in custody then read her rights, otherwise she has asked....

Mr. Daley: We believe....

Doctor: (yells) SHUT UP (silence) In case you haven't noticed this is an emergency room. Doctors work here.

Lindsay: And as this woman's lawyer I am telling you do what you can to reduce fever, but nothing evasive and no X-rays....

Teresa is crying, she's in so much pain. And they are all looking at each other uncomfortably....

For the rest of the transcript: This is where Barbara cuts in...

Cut to: Bobby's Office

Bobby: (Talking to Lindsay from his office to her cell phone.)

Eugene's here with me no, they had her at the airport how long?

Lindsay: Three days. The blockage is causing as infection. They've stabilized her fever, but that's it. Plus, I've got a US attorney hovering like a bat pushing for x-rays.

Eugene: What have they got?

Lindsay: Nothing. They did luggage, body cavity at the airport, didn't find anything. That's it. She's not letting them touch her.

Eugene; Okay, it's been three days, she's not at the airport anymore, let's challenge the detention. Put off the x-rays as invasive, I'm on my way. (Starts to head out.)

Bobby: How much do you think she swallowed? (Eugene stops at the door and turns around.)

Eugene: Could have been 60-70 condoms. Fun day.

Eugene leaves just as a man enters.

Man: Excuse me, I'd like to speak to an attorney.

Bobby: Actually, I'm a little busy right now… (the man enters anyway.) So if you'd like to take a seat outside…

Man: (Closes door behind him.) I have a friend, a very close friend who might be in need of some legal consult.

Bobby: (Impatiently) Well, maybe he should come in.

Man: Yes, and he would, but for certain concerns, uh, issues of security and the like. You'll understand more fully once you hear his uh… (He gets distracted by something behind Bobby) situation.

The man runs over to the lamp behind Bobby and leans down and looks up the shade.

Bobby: Sir? Uh… hello?

Man: See this Is where the like to hide them, the listening devices.

Bobby: (Looks like he is really annoyed.) Um, I'll tell you what Mr…

Man: Feldberg. (pauses) That's his name, see th-that's… uh that's my friend's name.

Bobby: We're actually pretty booked up right now, so I don't think our firm will be able to help you, so…

Man: (Stands up.) The Celtic rarely dribbles at nightfall.

Bobby: (Looks at him in disbelief.) It's you? You're the one who's been writing us those crazy letters?

Man: And the cheque, mind you, the 5,000 dollar cheque.

Bobby: Which we have not deposited.

Man: Please, deposit it Mr. Donnell. I am Samuel Feldberg, I would like to retain your firm to represent me, I—I'm in a lot of trouble.

Cut to: the Hospital

A woman is lying in a hospital bed, and the doctor is checking on her when Lindsay walks in.

Doctor: The ampicillin and fluids have her on hold for now, but we can't do anything until we know what she ingested.

Lindsay: Doctor, we're not sure that she's ingested anything.

Doctor: Yeah, right. (She leaves the room and Lindsay goes to talk to the woman on the bed.)

Lindsay: Teresa? How you feeling, you okay?

Teresa: Yes, thank you. Mr. Aikman sent you?

Lindsay: I'm representing him.

Teresa: Please, you tell him, Teresa has been good.

Lindsay: I know. He knows.

Teresa: He has the money for me?

Lindsay: (Looks over at a nurse sitting in the corner, and then speaks quietly to Teresa.) We'll talk about that later, okay? You rest now.

The US attorney, Mr. Daley, walks in, Lindsay stands up.

Mr. Daley: Hi, Teresa how are you feeling today?

Lindsay: I'd like you to release my client.

Mr. Daley: That's a decision for the customs service.

Lindsay: Unless they have probable cause sufficient to justify an arrest—

Teresa begins to struggle on the bed, in extreme pain.

Mr. Daley: Nurse! (To Lindsay.) Are you going to let your client die?

Lindsay: You're concerned about her health Mr. Daley? Let her go and she'll hit the toilet.

Mr. Daley: If she agrees to flip her contact, I'll get her immunity.  (A look of dread comes over Lindsay's face, and he notices.) Ah, you represent the boss. Seems you have a conflict. (He leaves Lindsay looking troubled.)

Cut to: Bobby's office

Samuel: Many years ago I committed a terrible crime. For 25 years I've been a fugitive from justice. I'm ready to pay for what I did, I'm ready to turn myself in. Will you help me do that?

Bobby: Well, what did you do?

Samuel: Fowler University. (Bobby rolls his eyes.) They were doing research for the government. They were projecting civilian casualties for a war that was illegal. Well, I found out and I uh, detonated one of their facilities.

Bobby: Well, was anybody killed?

Samuel: Not to my knowledge, I mean, the building was supposed to be empty at the time, but they were talking about murder and attempted murder. They could charge me with anything they wanted to, so I went underground.

Bobby: All there years.

Samuel: I'd be willing to stop running, but only for a deal.

Bobby: (Looks unwilling to.) I'd have to look into it.

Samuel: (Leans forward in his chair.) I should warn you… there is risk involved. The damage that we did, what we exposed, these people have very long memories.

Bobby: I'll look into it, Mr. Feldberg. That's all I can do.

Cut to: The hospital

Lindsay, Eugene and a man are talking

Man: He don't like meetings.

Lindsay: You tell Mr. Aikman this meeting is unavoidable.

Man: Lindsay, don't make me bring back bad news. She's still refusing treatment, right?

Lindsay: Yes.

Man: Okay.

Eugene: But customs is going in this afternoon to get a court order to x ray her stomach.

Man: Can they do that?

Lindsay nods.

Eugene: We're gonna fight it, but he should have his passport ready.

Man: (Angrily.) All right. (He starts to leave.)

Lindsay: Oh, one more thing, tell him his good little soldier might die.

Commercial Break

Cut to: DYD+F

Lindsay: We're on our way into court now, I mean. (They start walking out, towards the elevator.)

Mr. Aikman: How long will this takes? How long can her damn bowels hold before—

Eugene: Mr. Aikman, the sooner we get down there…

Mr. Aikman: Just get her out of that hospital!

Eugene: I keep telling you, we need a judge to accomplish that.

Mr. Aikman: Just do it.

Eugene: (Stops walking.) Excuse me? Please?

Eugene and Lindsay go into the elevator, leaving the man and Mr. Aikman behind.

Mr. Aikman: Benny, monitor this.

Benny (man) nods and begins to follow Eugene and Lindsay.

Cut to: the Courthouse.

Mr. Daley: Mr. Lowry, in 16 years with the customs service, how often have you encountered internal smugglers?

Mr. Lowry: Hundreds of times. We get seven to eight swallowers a week at Logan, more than that when I was working Kennedy.

Mr. Daley: And what in particular do you look for, uh, what are the signs that someone might be smuggling this way?

Mr. Lowry: Irregular ticket purchases, evasive response to questioning, if someone's overly talkative or appears nervous we'll take a second look, and naturally if someone resists a luggage search or search of their person, that gives rise to suspicion.

Mr. Daley: Based on you experience, what might someone be carrying that would raise your suspicion?

Mr. Lowry: Body packing substances of any kind, personal lubricants or anything that can be used as such, as well as stomach medication, and uh, the irregular placement of sanitary pads can be a tip-off.

Mr. Daley: In Teresa Cortez's case, what led you to suspect that she might be carrying drugs?

Mr. Lowry: Ms. Cortez was traveling from Colombia. Her passport showed several trips there in the past year, she appeared nervous and evasive when asked about these trips and was reluctant to allow a search of her suitcase. When she did allow it, we found several tubes of lubricating cream, as well as two bottles of medicine, she became increasingly agitated after a more extensive personal search, so we requested that she allow us to x-ray her abdomen. She refused, and at that point, she was detained.

Eugene stands up.

Eugene: Teresa Cortez appeared nervous and evasive in response to you questions? Those questions were asked in English?

Mr. Lowry: Yes, but we had a translator.

Eugene: And when you asked those questions, did you wear a uniform inspector? A badge?

Mr. Lowry: Yes.

Eugene: What about a gun?

Mr. Lowry: We're required to, yes.

Eugene; And were you aware that Ms. Cortez had only lived in this country for six months?

Mr. Lowry: No.

Eugene: And that her father had been kidnapped and killed but the Colombian army?

Mr. Lowry: No.

Eugene: And that she herself had been held two months by the Colombian police without being charges?

Mr. Daley: (Stands up.) What is the point to this?

Eugene; The point is that there are very good reasons why Ms. Cortez may have displayed nervousness around a uniformed officer.

Judge: Her state of mind is not relevant to these proceedings Mr. Young, only the officers.

Eugene: E-Excuse me you honor, he based his suspicion on her state of mind, that makes it relevant.

Judge; Hurry up then.

Eugene: (Pulls out a piece of paper.) Now, this uh, more extensive personal search, what is that?

Mr. Lowry: It's a strip search of the body and cavity examination.

Eugene: And in your experience, only drug carriers become increasingly agitated by having their body cavities examined?

Mr. Lowry: I didn't say that.

Eugene; You said her agitation was suspicious.

Mr. Lowry: We look at the entirety of the circumstances.

Eugene: Oh, you mean the so-called lubricants you found? Hand cream wasn't it Mr. Lowry?

Mr. Lowry: Yes.

Eugene: And the stomach medicine? That would be antacid.

Mr. Lowry: Yes.

Eugene: It's good to know that if I travel (the judge is doing a crossword puzzle) with dry hands, an upset stomach, and a decent sense of privacy, that I can expect to be stripped naked, anally probed, and handcuffed to a beg, that's good to know.

Mr. Daley: (Jumps up.) Your honor, can we stop this?

Judge: I stopped listening a while ago. Why don't we go o chamber's and have a cookie?

Eugene and Lindsay look at each other oddly.

Cut to: A different part of the courthouse

Bobby and Helen are getting off of an elevator.

Bobby: What do you mean nothing? He blew up a building.

Helen: It was 26 years ago, and it was two rooms in an annex, and it didn't even blow up, think smoke bomb.

Bobby: But, he jumped bail, he's been a fugitive.

Helen: Bobby, it's not a limitations thing, we don't want the guy.

Bobby: So you're just dropping the charges?

Helen: Not me personally, in the mid-80's they wrote off a lot of cases nobody cared about. Sam Feldberg was one of the lucky ones.

Bobby: Okay, what if he's arrested for something else? Will the warrants still drop?
Helen: Sam Feldberg is not ever in the system, he's a free man.

Bobby: (Smiles widely.) That's great, I uh, I appreciate this. (He touched her arm lightly and begins to walk away. Helen looks momentarily at her arm where he touched her before looking up.)

Helen: You appreciate this?

Bobby stops walking and turns around.

Bobby: Yeah, I do.

Helen: What about our dinner dates, you appreciate them too?

Bobby: (Looks agitated.) Helen, can we not go there?

Helen: Oh… where's there? The intimacy place? I'm just asking you to talk about how you feel Bobby.

Bobby: Well, I feel like not talking about it here.

Helen: Fine. (Walks away.) Feels nice to be appreciated.

Bobby sighs and begins to walk away.

Cut to: DYD+F's conference room, Jimmy is sitting with another man, a lawyer friend.

Lawyer: I didn't say they had no case, I said it couldn't be proven in a court of law.

Jimmy: 11 people got cancer in a two mile radius.

Lawyer; I understand, I mean that's the hook that got me to bit, but I couldn't find any scientific data to say that the power lines caused it. What am I gonna do? Make it up?

Jimmy: There's no studies at all?

Lawyer: There's a 100 studies, unfortunately, none of them conclude that exposure to radio frequency radiation has any link with cancer… Look, Mr. Berlutti, we're not talking a low ball offer here. The state, their attorneys won't even return a toll call.

Jimmy: Even so, to drop your clients so close to trial…

Lawyer: I know, I'm not proud about doing that, but I spent 80,000 of my own money trying to develop this case. I chased down every expert. I figured there had to be something under the surface, 11 people got cancer. But it all came up empty. And as for a trial, I took this on a contingency, a trial could cost me another 80 or so. I had to eat my loss and get out.

Jimmy: Yeah.

Lawyer; And for those people? I hurt for them, I do. Because I believe those power lines have something to do with it, but if a lawyer friend of mine came to me and said should I run with this?

(Shakes his head.)

Cut to: The judge's chambers.

Lindsay, Eugene and Mr. Daley walk in and find the judge sitting at his desk, watching a small TV also on his desk.

Lindsay: Your honor? (he doesn't look up.)

Mr. Daley: Judge Brewster?

Judge: They brought Tiffany back, I knew she wasn't dead. (Talking about the TV.)

Eugene: (Rounds the desk and looks at the screen.) All My Children?

Judge: No, they don't have to have titties on All My Children, no, these girls got… well, titties.

Eugene looks stunned and looks around to see the same expression on both Lindsay's and Mr. Daley's face.

Mr. Daley: uh, your honor… perhaps we should come back later.

Judge; No no no… (Turns off the TV.) So, Mr. Daley, the government wants to hold this woman indefinitely? Is that it? I'd like to see some probable cause.

Mr. Daley: We feel if we're allowed to take x-rays—

Judge: But you're not.

Mr. Daley: Your honor, uh reasonable suspicion test as laid out in Montoya and accepted by this court in Braks—

Judge; Braks wasn't about x-rays.

Daley: The fourth amendment has been found compatible with non-routine searches.

Judge: You had your non-routine search. You stripped the woman, you found nothing at all. You want more, you need consent. No x-rays.

Eugene: Thank you, your honor. Further, detention is also unwarranted.

Judge: I'm sorry Mr. Young. Despite your fine efforts out there, I'm uh, convinced there was reasonable suspicion to detain Ms. Cortez. The whole point of that detention is to allow that suspicion to ripe into the probable cause needed for an arrest.

Lindsay: She's been held for 3 days.

Judge: It's not enough. There was a fellow down in New York who lasted 24 days, mm-hmm 24 days. Imagine the size of that stook when the dam finally burst? Now, if you want to get your client off, she has to agree to an x-ray. That's all. Otherwise, let nature take its course.

Cut to: Bobby's office.

Samuel: It's a trick!

Bobby: It's not a trick, Sam, you're a free man.

Samuel: It's some kind of sting, don't you see? That have been chasing me for 20 some odd years, you think they're just gonna give up just like that?

Bobby: I can show you the files.

Samuel: In Bismark they showed up as agricultural inspectors, in Cicero it was census takers, in Tucson they were looking for water table pollutants. (Laughs.)

Bobby: Sam…

Samuel: Why would they just let me go?

Bobby: I'm telling you, Sam!

Samuel: Do you know what was in that supposed math building that we blew up? Strategic analysis. (Bobby again looks tired.)  They denied it was even happening, you see, I'm a threat to them. Oh no, there's no way they're gonna just let me go, no way. I am a threat to National Security.

Cut to: the hospital

Doctor: Her white blood cell count is up, that means the infection is winning. That means that whatever is stuck in there is stuck pretty tight.

Eugene: Doctor, in those cases where drugs have been ingested… how long before something breaks?

Doctor: That would depend. Even your strongest latex wasn't designed to handle the acids in a human stomach. Eventually if they're not expelled, poisoning will occur most certainly at a lethal level. It's ugly. (She leaves.)

Mr. Daley: (Runs up to them.) Time's running out guys. If she flips whoever she's mulling for, I'll make sure that she walks. Look, I think at a minimum you should tell this woman to get a new lawyer.
(HE walks away)

Commercial Break.

Cut to: DYD+F

Lindsay and Eugene are in the office with Benny and Mr. Aikman.

Mr. Aikman: I'm the one who hired you.

Eugene: I understand that Mr. Aikman, but you hired us to represent Ms. Cortez.

Mr. Aikman: No Mr. Young, I hired you to represent me. Knowing in the course of my representations you'd be defending some of my mules. I am the client.

Eugene: Legally, it doesn't work that way. We represent her just like we do you. It may be in her best legal interest to make a deal with the police.

Mr. Aikman: Legal interest? That's not always the number one criterion.

Eugene: Now that sounds like some kind of threat. That doesn't hold well with me. Besides, since she's faced with dying as it is, I don't think it'd be too persuasive for her.

Mr. Aikman: (Laughs.) Look Mr. Young, you can drop me as a client but we know that's not going to change anything. Lindsay: She may die for God's sake, does that not mean anything to you?

Mr. Aikman: I'm a drug dealer. People die in my line of work, the goal is for it not to be me. Now, you've got a conflict here, I understand. I also understand that all you gotta do is make your client aware of that conflict. So you go ask her, let her decided. She'll do the right thing.

Mr. Aikman turns and leaves and Benny follows behind.

Cut to: Helen's office.

Bobby and her are talking.

Helen: (Closes the door while holding a stack of things.) Let me see if I get this. You want me to bring in your client and threaten him with jail?

Bobby: Helen, the guy has spent his whole life thinking he's this big fugitive, ex-patriot, civil activist. When I told him he wasn't wanted, it was as if he suddenly became meaningless, like his whole life amounted to nothing.

Helen: You want me to arrest him?

Bobby: Yeah.

Helen: To give his life meaning?

Bobby: Yes.

Helen: It's not exactly what we do here Bobby.

Bobby: This I know Helen, I was just hoping…

Helen: Do you know how many cases I have with real criminals?

Bobby: DO you know how many clients I have, real criminals?

Helen: Okay, here's what you do. Tell him his ability to elude us for so long is so embarrassing to us and the FBI, for public relations purposes we have decided to conspire and say it never happed. He's free, so long as doesn't go on Oprah.

Bobby: (Gives her a look that says `oh come on.')

Helen: (Returns the look he's giving her.) Oh no, have I jeopardized our chemistry?

Cut to: DYD+F

Lindsay is just leaving with her jacket and purse, passing Eugene who's sitting at his desk on his way out.

Lindsay: I'm heading back to the hospital.

Eugene: What are you going to say?

Lindsay: I thought I'd give her a crash course in legal ethics, maybe explain why the model rules of professional responsibility requires me to let her die.

Eugene: Lindsay…

Lindsay: What happens if I get on the phone right now Eugene. Call up the ACLU and suggest there's a woman in need of counsel.

Eugene: They'll ask you why and if you answer your breaking confidentiality.

Lindsay: Gee.

Eugene: Teresa still has a choice. She can accept the offer regardless of who Aikman gets to represent her.

Lindsay: Yeah, but he's going to make recommending against that offer part of the job description.

Eugene: (Stands up.) Maybe I should go with you.

Lindsay: I'm fine, but thanks. (She leaves.)

Eugene sits and watched after her.

Cut to: The hospital.

Lindsay is sitting beside Teresa talking to her.

Lindsay: You understand why I can no longer represent you?

Teresa: I think so.

Lindsay: And you understand why I am really not allowed to counsel you, to tell you to do anything that can be bad for John Aikman.

Teresa: I see.

Lindsay: Please Teresa, just know that the next lawyer may not, if uh… (she struggles not to cry.) If Mr. Aikman hires him, that lawyer may not look out for you as much as he does for Mr. Aikman.

Teresa: Do you think… (She groans in pain and winces.) Do you think that should do this, what they offer?

Lindsay: (About to cry.) I-I'm not allowed to say, I've already said too much.

Teresa: Mr. Aikman, he-he will pay me, yes? He promised me. My family needs the money.

Lindsay: Yeah, I have to go. (She turns to leave but Teresa grabs her hand.)
Teresa: Um, he hired you Lindsay, yes? And you have cared for me.

Lindsay turns and leaves before she starts to cry.

Cut to DYD+F

Bobby and Samuel enter.

Bobby: Well, I'm still working on it, it isn't easy.

Samuel: Is it safe for me to go back to my apartment?

Bobby: (Takes a deep breath.) Yeah. But be careful just the same.

Samuel: They are after me, aren't they? It's the big sting.

Bobby: I'm afraid so.

Cut to: DYD+F at a later time.

Jimmy is leading some clients inside, the ones that all have cancer.

Mrs. Saunders: You were our last hope, and we thought maybe…

Jimmy: Even if the magnetic fields did cause this, we can't run a lawsuit without proof.

Man#1: 11 of us have cancer. Neighbours. Isn't that proof?

Jimmy: As far as the science goes, it could just as well be the well water, some toxic dump…

Man#2: It wasn't any toxic waste or well water.

Jimmy: I'm sorry.

Mrs. Saunders: Okay.

Man#!: Well, thank you for your time Mr. Berluti.

They all start to leave.

Jimmy: Wait a minute. Let me run it by the firm. Maybe there is something we can do. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Mrs. Saunders: Okay. Thanks you. Thank you. (They all leave and Jimmy turns to find Ellenor looking at him questioningly.)

Jimmy: I couldn't let them walk out like that.

Ellenor: The case can't be won Jimmy, it's just gonna cost us a fortune.

Jimmy: Back me up, Ellenor.

Ellenor: Jimmy…

Jimmy: Just back me up on this one. I-I don't ask for much.

Cut to: The hospital cafeteria.

Lindsay is following Benny around as he gets lunch and begins to eat.

Lindsay: He wants her to die Benny, you know as well as I do.

Benny: I don't know anything.

Lindsay: If she recovers, she's a witness. If she dies, the cocaine can't talk.

Benny: Well, she knew the risks, she knew the benefits.

Lindsay: She has a four years old boy back in Colombia.

Benny: Look, it's out of our hands now, okay? You told her everything you're telling me so even your hands are clean.

Lindsay: She won't listen to me. She thinks Aikman will somehow protect her. I think she'll listen to you.

Benny: You are crazy, you know that? What kind of death wish you think I got?

Lindsay: We gonna be able to live with ourselves, Benny?

Benny: Technically, you don't represent her no more, right? So why—

Lindsay: Teresa's stomach explodes, she dies. You can live with that?

Benny: I won't live turning on Aikman. This I know.

Lindsay: Benny—

Benny: You're a drug lawyer, Lindsay, you know how this stuff goes.

Cut to: Bobby's office at night.

Lindsay walks in, closing the door behind her.

Lindsay: Hey.

Bobby: Hey, you still here?

Lindsay: Yeah. (Walks towards him, stopping at the couch. She looks down and then looks back up at him.)

Bobby: How's the condition of the girl?

Lindsay: Same.

Bobby: You were honest with her. More so than you should have been.

Lindsay: I know. Benny Small said get over it, you're a drug lawyer. (She goes to sit down on the couch and chuckles.) I guess he's right. I can't do this anymore, Bobby. (She struggles with what to say to him.) I mean, the bread and butter. I--- I don't care. I've had it with drug cases. (She sits awaiting a response from Bobby.)

Bobby: (Pauses for a second.) Okay.

Lindsay: Really?

Bobby: (Nods and smiles.) Really.

Lindsay: (Sighs and smiles.) Thanks. How you doing?

Bobby: (Shrugs.) Fine.

Lindsay: What's stopping you?

Bobby: Excuse me?

Lindsay: With Helen. What's stopping you?

Bobby: What? W-why is s-she saying something?

Lindsay: She says you seem stuck, like you want to go forward but you won't.

Bobby: Well, it's just that… (Long pause.) I like her. (He smiles slightly and Lindsay looks down. He stands up.) That may be the problem. (He smiles again.) I like her.

Lindsay: And?

Bobby: And before I go down that road, (begins to walk around the desk towards Lindsay.) I got to be sure about everything else, you know? (He sits down beside Lindsay on the couch, turned towards her with his arm draped over the couch behind her.)

Lindsay: Bobby, everything else is clear.

Bobby: (Sighs.) It just doesn't make it any easier that she's a friend of yours Lindsay.
Lindsay: We both agreed… if either of us found somebody who could be… (she sighs.) You've met somebody Bobby.

Bobby: (Shakes his head.) It doesn't bother you?

Lindsay: Well, I'll miss you, and I'll get a little lonely. You and Helen are a good match. Besides, I feel on the verge of meeting somebody myself. Don't let her get away, she's a good one.

Bobby: How could you be so adult about all this?

Lindsay: Because I know what we were, and I know what we weren't.

Bobby: (Shakes his head.) I just wish that… I just wish it were a little harder for you, at least a little.

Lindsay: I'll make do with the memories. Maybe we should celebrate that we were able to keep this secret.

Bobby: (Smiles.) Yeah.

Lindsay: And it was some secret while it lasted.

Bobby: (Nods.)

Lindsay leans over and kissed him softly and passionately. She then backs up and waits for his reaction before leaning in for a more passionate kiss. Bobby reaches down and begins to unbutton her shirt while breathing heavily, and then he looks back into her eyes.

Lindsay: This is the last time.

Bobby leans over and kisses her passionately and he lays her back down on the couch as they continue to kiss and Lindsay moans. Bobby slips her shoe off with his foot as they continue to kiss and Lindsay runs her arm up and down his back as their other hands are entwined and they continue kissing.


Cut to: DYDF

Jimmy is talking to Bobby, Eugene and Ellenor.

Jimmy: Liability-wise, I know it's weak. But damages are huge. I think it's worth the risk.

Eugene: You got a guess in cost?

Jimmy: A lot of the file is already built. I figure experts and time, we could run for 30 thousand.

Bobby: They pay anything?

Jimmy: No.

Bobby: (sighs.) What am I missing here? We can't make liability on this, the fact that they haven't even tossed nuisance change, that should tell you something.

Jimmy: I think we should take it.

Bobby: (Shakers his head.) Sorry Jimmy.

Eugene and Bobby begin to exit.

Ellenor: I think we should take it too.

Bobby and Eugene stop.

Bobby: What? Why?

Ellenor: Because 11 people in a two mile radius got cancer.  Something's going on, and just because we can't prove it. Doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Eugene: No, but when you decide to take a case whether or not you can prove it is a little relevant. There's a reason no other firm will touch it Ellenor.

Ellenor: And that's exactly why we should take it Eugene, because no other firm will.
Bobby: I'll authorize 5,000 on discovery, and then we'll see. When Rebecca gets back. She's gonna scream.

Bobby and Eugene leave.

Jimmy: Thank you. You won't be sorry.

Ellenor: Good luck Jimmy.

Lindsay enters, running to her desk.

Bobby comes up behind her and she turns around.

Bobby: Any change?

Lindsay: (smiles.) Bobby I'm fine.

Bobby: I meant Teresa, any change?

Lindsay: Oh, nothing.

Eugene looks at them oddly.

Phone rings and Eugene picks it up.

Eugene: Eugene Young. (He listens for a second before hanging up wordlessly. He look up at Lindsay, who immediately looks scared.)

Cut to: the hospital.

Lindsay comes running out of the elevator and up to a nurse.

Lindsay: Teresa Cortez, where is she?

Doctor: Lindsay.

Lindsay: What happened?

Doctor: One of the condoms tore. Massive cocaine poisoning. She's in surgery now.

Lindsay: But how? I mean, did she allow you to treat her?

Doctor: Before she lost consciousness, yes, she gave us consent. We have witnesses.

Lindsay: Thank God.

Doctor: It's a little too soon for that.

Cut to: DYD+F.

John Aikman is talking to Eugene.

Mr. Aikman: In surgery?

Eugene: She consented to it.

Mr. Aikman: Did you influence her?

Eugene: We're your lawyers Mr. Aikman. We couldn't do anything to hurt you, could we?

Mr. Aikman turns and leaves angrily.

Cut to: Bobby's office

Samuel is entering and Bobby closes the door behind him.

Bobby: You're just going to have to lay low Sam.

Samuel: For how long?

Bobby: It could take a while. I don't know.

Samuel: It's a trick! How could they not be arresting me?

Bobby: Sam, sit down. Now look…

The door swings open and Helen enters.

Helen: Bobby?

Bobby: Helen. (Shocked.)

Helen: What's new?

Bobby: Um, we're in the middle of a meeting here.

Helen: (Nods.) I know about your meeting, why do you think I'm here? (Turns to Sam. Mr. Feldberg, my name is Helen Gamble, I'm with the district attorney's office.

Two policemen enter.

Sam stands up, shocked.

Helen: Does he know his rights?

Bobby: Well, oh… um, well…

Helen: You finally surface after 26 years and you expect us to forget? Do you have any idea as to the severity of your crime, Mr. Feldberg?

Samuel: I do.

Helen: It was pervasive enough that people actually thought you were some kind of hero, they took this fugitive existence as noble, patriotic even. Well let me tell you something sir, blowing up buildings is not my idea of being a patriot but I do know one thing. If people were to learn that this case was being stirred up again, it could threaten national security. That's the only reason I'm willing to cut any deal.

Bobby nods.

Helen motions for the police officers to exit.

Helen: This is how it's gonna be. You plead guilty to one count of arson, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, and I'll drop the treason charge.

Bobby: Suspended sentence or you get nothing.

Helen: On the condition that this stays sealed. Completely sealed. You understand that Mr. Feldberg? Speak a word of this, and you will feel the full might of my office, I promise you.

Samuel: I understand.

Helen: (Nods.) I'll draft the plea agreement. (She leaves.)

Sam smiles and begins to laugh happily, and Bobby smiles.

Cut to: The hospital.

Lindsay is sitting in a chair waiting, when the doctor comes up to her.

Doctor: We took 40 condoms of cocaine out of her stomach, she's going to make it.

Lindsay looks relieved.

Doctor: I don't think she'll be up for a while.

Lindsay: Thank you so much. I'm not her lawyer, but still, lets remember doctor-patient privilege, anything she says to you…

Doctor: Thank you.

Lindsay smiles and Mr. Daley comes to sit beside her.

Mr. Daley: Well, good news is she lives, bad news is we got her for possession.

Lindsay: You've still got some fourth amendment problems, but I'm not her lawyer anymore. I'll miss our banter.

Lindsay stands up and leaves as Mr. Daley looks after he.

As Lindsay is walking towards the elevator, she sees Benny standing at the payphones trying to phone someone. She goes and walks up to him.

Lindsay: You convinced her to let them operate.

Benny: Why don't you say it a little louder? It'll be my death warrant.

Lindsay: She's gonna be okay.

Benny: Ah, I spoke to the doc, he told me. That's good.

Lindsay: You saved her life Benny.

Benny: Whatever. I gotta go, I gotta go.

Lindsay: You gonna be okay?

Benny: Not if Aikman finds out. So how does it go now?

Lindsay: Well, I think they'll offer immunity if she'll turn over Aikman. With the amount of cocaine, they've got leverage. They could put her away for a long time.

Benny: He'll kill her. He will kill her, and she'll never get to

testify. He's going to kill both of us. (The elevator arrives, and he leaves as Lindsay stares after him.)

Cut to: DYD+F

In the conference room, Jimmy is talking with all his cancer clients.

Jimmy: Copying costs, filing fees… stuff like that you'd be expected to pay.

Mr. Beal: okay.

Jimmy: The first thing will be to get by the summary judgement hearing which we should be able to do. I'll put in a call to opposing counsel. You know who's representing the state?

Man: Uh, a big firm. Uh, Finley Hoag something. Why, do you know them?

Jimmy: (Looks slightly intimidated.) They got a good reputation. Okay, look um, we got a lot to do. I got all the files, your old lawyer says he's happy to cooperate whenever I need him. This is good. This is good. We're off. (They all smile.)

Cut to: Bobby's office.

Helen is coming in and Bobby closes the door after her.

Bobby: Other than thank you...

Helen: Well, anything to give meaning to someone's life, right? To um, make it more full, rounded, complete.

Bobby: Funny.

Helen: And funny, yes.

Bobby goes and stands in front of her.

Helen: We uh, all need complete, round, funny lives.

Bobby: Uh, listen, I don't mean to be dragging my heels like an old mule.

Helen: I sense this, it's why I hang around. I know somewhere in there you um, appreciate me.

Bobby: (Smiles.) I do.

He leans in and kisses her.

Helen: That wasn't so terrible, was it?

Bobby leans in to kiss her again in response.

Lindsay walks in to the lobby and as she walks in, she sees 2 tickets on the table, and looks up through Bobby's office window to see Helen and Bobby locked in a passionate embrace. Lindsay looks slightly shocked but is disrupted by her ringing phone, and moves to pick it up.

Lindsay: Lindsay Dole. (She listens briefly.) What??

Cut to: A morgue.

Lindsay walks in to see a black body bag sitting on a table in a middle of an otherwise empty room. Mr. Daley comes out of the corner.

Mr. Daley: We don't know if there's any family or anyone else to make an ID, sorry to do this.

Lindsay: It's okay.

A man opens the body bag, and Lindsay looks at an extremely white, dead man with gunshot wounds to his chest.

Mr. Daley: 3 gunshot wounds.

Lindsay: That's him, John Aikman.

Mr. Daley: Would you have… and idea who…?

Lindsay: None. (She turns and leaves, obviously shocked as Mr. Daley watched after her.

The End


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