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    Episode 1 "The Privilege"
    Episode 2 "Convictions" NEW
    Episode 3 "Of Thee I Sing"
    Episode 4 "The Cradle Will Rock"
    Episode 5 "Neighboring Species"
    Episode 6 "Telltale Nation"
    Episode 7 "Small Sacrifices"
    Episode 8 "Bad to Worse"
    Episode 9 "The Good Fight"
    Episode 10 "Silent Partners"
    Episode 11 "Down the Hatch"
    Episode 12 "Final Judgement"
    Episode 13 "Character Evidence"
    Episode 14 "The Making of a Trial"
    Episode 15 "Choir Boys"
    Episode 16 "Special Deliveries" NEW
    Episode 17 "Burnout"
    Episode 18 "Capitol Crimes"
    Episode 19 "Les is More"
    Episode 20 "Heroes and Villians"
    Episode 21 "Baby Love"
    Episode 22 Season Finale




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