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Chalupa(B38) cruising SE Asia 2004.

This page is dedicated to all sailors, dreamers and adventurers who sail, cruise and race, especially on small sailboats everywhere. I envision this as a place for you to explore, share and contribute your tips, stories and yarns about the sea in general and small sailboat cruising in particular.

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Asian EarthQuake & Tsunami of December 26, 2004 in Thailand/Malaysia .

CHALUPA's Report.

More Cruisers' Report.


Cruising Discussions

Updated Which anchor should I buy?
Before you decide which anchor to buy you may want to read about the opinions of these two experienced sailors: Jim Hughes and Charles E. Kanter.

More interesting & non-conventional boat anchor designs:
Super Max Anchor.
The Spade Anchor.
Oceane anchor (son of Spade?) .
Bulwagga Marine Anchor.
Rocna Anchor.

New! Is The Spade Anchor Safe??
An incident where a boat was lost suggested some simple modifications to your Spade anchor if you own one. Read about the discussions, recommended modifications and the New Zealand's Maritime Safety Authority's Report on the accident. Online discussions.

George Day of BlueWater Sailing Magazine talks about anchor chain.
CruiseWeb readers talk about their anchor experiences.

What's your personal opinions and experince with these or other anchors? E-mail us.

Updated What makes a good 'ocean going' boat?
What is the right boat to get for cruising? There are many answers but no "perfect" one. Nevertheless, here are some pointers:

Dave Martin (Cal-25, "Direction") ...size is a mental game...
Randy Harmon on pursuing the right cruising boat.
Don Casey discusses seaworthiness.
Brian & Mary Alice O'Neill of "Shibui".
Bill Dietrich on choosing his boat.
David H Dennis's collection of newsgroup's FAQ.
Topper Hermanson.Click on "Designing Frogs Leap" for pdf file.
Beth Leonard on "A Good Sea Boat: Top 5 Requirements"
Beth Leonard on "Finding The Right Boat".
Evaluating a bluewater cruiser. By Charles J. Doane. .
Bruce Buttimore on fitting out his Contessa 26.
John Neal & Amanda Swan Part 1. .
John Neal & Amanda Swan Part 2.
MahinaExpeditions: John Neal
MacNoughton Design Group.
Rick's Defination of a Blue Water Boat

What hull material is considered to be the most seaworthy and durable for long term cruising? Here are some opinions to consider:

Hull: Steel, Fiberglass, Aluminum or what?

Hull: Aluminum for Boats - by Michael Kasten

Hull: Aluminum Vs Steel - by Michael Kasten

Why Aluminum?

Full Keel, Fin Keel or Centerboard?

While one ponders on the seaworthiness and technical details of a suitable cruising boat there is always the personal issues of size and cost to consider. Here we have Don Casey and John Kretschmer shedding some thoughts on the matter: The Right Boat, The Perfect Cruising Boat? and You've Bought The Wrong Boat.

To multihullers a monohull is only "half-a-boat".: A case for Multihull.

James Baldwin's Multihull Experience.

John Kretschmer's Reality Check on Cruising Catamaran

More on why a catamaran makes a great cruising boat: Why A Catamaran?

Which multihull? Catamaran vs. Trimaran. By Bill Springer

Evaluating a cruising catamaran. By Bill Springer

Multihull designer John Shuttleworth's paper on Multihull Design : "Multihull Design Considerations for Seaworthiness"

What are D/L & SA/D Ratios? Prismatic Coefficient etc.? Understanding Basic Sailboat Design Formulas

New! Here are a few recommended books that may be helpful in your search for a cruising boat:

Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere
The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat
The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cruising Sailboat
Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of the Offshore Yachts

Updated How much does it Really Cost to go cruising?
Find out what these sailors have to say about the real cost of cruising from small boats to large boats and monohulls to multihull:

Peter & Lyndall of yacht 'Illywhacker'
Phaon Reid
Jim Barrentine and Diane Mayo.
Tor Pinny
The Cost of Cruising. By Michael Frankel
Dave & Jaja Martin.
Al & Beth Ligget.
Steve & Linda Dashew.
Randy Harmon.
Doreen Gounard.
Sue Holt & Larry Hamilton.
Paul & Sheryl Shard.

NEW! The cruising life is neither a long vacation nor is it an escape from reality. Some cruisers even get depressed. Robert Pirsig examine the symptons of their cruising blues and its cure.

NEW! Circumnavigator James Baldwin's ("Atom") profound and realistic answers to many Frequently Asked Questions about cruising in general and macro-budget cruising in partcular. FAQ Page.

NEW! Want to go cruising? Melissa and Guy Stevens' web site discussions might help you get off the dock. Living the Cruising Dream.

Do you have any suggestions to add? E-mail us.

Heavy Weather

What's it like in the recent Sydney to Hobart Race (1998)?
Here are some shots of boats caught in the storm. Go to photos.
Thanks to Howard Klein for sending in this link.

"Avanti" (Beneteau First 38) skipper's report about this survival race: Speech.

A Hard Chance
: The Drama That Was Sydney-Hobart '98
Excerpt from the book by Kim Leighton..

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Take your ocean survival test here: Survival Test.

Heavy Weather Sailing: What to do when the going gets rough.

Multihull handling in Heavy Weather.More boat handling in heavy weather.

Preparations For Heavy Weather:

Rough Water Readiness
Heavy Weather Attitude
Preparing The Boat
Storm Sails
High Seas Boat Handling
The Survival Storm

Check out Lyn & Larry Pardey's latest book on boat management in heavy weather:Storm Tactics Handbook

USCG report on using and sizing Sea Anchors: Investigation of The Use of Drogues To Improve The Safety of Sailing Yachts.

Don't Forget To REGISTER your EPIRB!: Go to the SARSAT site for more info and Registration Forms.

Emergency Rudder:Designing and building your own Guidelines , Installations (pictures)

Satori and "The Perfect Storm":
Read then compare Capt. Ray Leonard's own words of "Satori's " intended passage from Portsmouth to Bermuda during the Halloween storm of October 1991 with the account as described in the recent best seller: "The Perfect Storm".
Check out Columbia Journalism Review's (Cloud Over A Tale of the Atlantic) comments regarding some of the controversial reporting found in this book: Clik here for the article.

New York Times Story about the REAL Capt. Ray Leonard: (Register to read the story) Sailing Is Smooth in Wake of a Storm.

The Real Perfect Storm (October 1991): See the actual US Coast Guard rescue Images.
A special From Coast Guard News. USCG photos by Chief Petty Officer Scott Vriesman


Piloting and Navigation:
A collection of newsgroups discussions, GPS info, useful formulas, tips and hints. Keep a copy handy by your chart table. Learn how to make your own plotting sheets, taking noon sights and how to update your Charts & Notice to Mariners. Sample Sight Reduction Work Sheet.

Updated GPS Information
A page devoted to GPS Information and links.

Updated Money Matters
How to deal with money and paying the bills while cruising. Send in your ideas to share. E-mail us.

Updated Staying Healthy:
Health/First Aid information, references, advice and links that are of benefit to cruisers and travelers.

Updated Cruisers Communications:
Links and information on Ham Radio, e-mail, newsgroups discussions, tips and hints on the subject of cruising and keeping in touch with folks back home or other cruisers.

Updated Food for Thought:
A few words of wisdom. Maybe?

Updated Why Do It?:
The 'Why' of cruising.

A collection of nautical poems.

The Preparation and Solo Voyage of the Cal20 "Chalupa (C20)" from San Francisco, California to Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii.

Sailing Links

Adventure Sailing

Sailing Resources

Cruising Gear

Book Selections

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Small Boat Cruising Updated

Sailing Legends



Weather Info



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