Welcome to the Chrono Trigger

IRC RPG Home Page


Welcome To the newly created Chrono Trigger IRC RPG Homepage!(Say CTRPG for short!) Feel free to look around and enjoy yourselves. Wait. you're asking what the CTIRCRPG is? Well the CTIRCRPG game was created byLucca (Moi) and Magitekchoc. Its a role playing game which people get together every two weeks, and well, role play! Characters that the participants create have his/her own personality, strength, weakness, magic, etc. that makes them unique. Just to let you know, the game takes place about 30 years after the fall of Lavos, so, chracters aren't nessacarily from CT. They are made up by some creative people. Also, in these games, there are battles, and twisting plotlines that will leave you hooked.Unfortuately, there are no more openings (Sorry I haven't updated this part when I updated the rest of my page, but I've been busy, and just plain forgot!) BUT! Spaces do sometimes open, so if I tell you there are no more openings, check with me later. Although, I may consider NPC'S (Non-Playing Characters) :)

Why was the CTIRCRPG Created Anyway?

Well, why the heck not!? Actually, it was started when I tried to get into the FFIRCRPG. I play there as Rydia, but since I couldn't get on IRC right away, I missed out on many storylines. Then, I thought I found the answer by joining the Lunar IRC RPG, but it was filled too. Then I started noticing that Chrono Trigger didn't have a IRC game. So, well, I bet you can guess the rest. Anyway, Here are some you things you can check out. We have lotsa logs up now, and more will be added soon, but the NPC and Villains page is DONE! Check it out! Pick from any one of the links on the side to see the page!