There used to be more of a page at this place for Dave Morris' and Oliver Johnson's unique Dragon Warriors RPG here.
Unfortunately, I am currently a bit of... concerned with other stuff (basics of life, and all that, y'know... the usual story). I'm definitely not out of it... instead of having an incredibly dated page, though, I prefer to stick up this message.

(March 15, 2004) Recent developments have made it possible for me to put up a provisional version of the Repository of Knowledge, which is intended to provide a comprehensive survey of all DW-related materials on the web. Go there and marvel...
The Yahoo! discussion group is a kind of focal point for fans and friends of Dave Morris' and Oliver Johnson's roleplaying game DRAGON WARRIORS, and everything related to it (like e.g. the Bloodsword Game Book series).
If you suspect that I might have some interesting stuff on my homepage anyway, you should go to the right place.
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