This FAQ is designed to answer the most common questions people have about Quest for Glory 2: Trial By Fire. For a more comprehensive set of game hints, visit the Hints page. This FAQ has been compiled from various sources, including hints and walkthroughs, questions most frequently asked on the FACS message board, QFG anthology and collection readme files etc. If there are additional questions that you think should be on this FAQ, feel free to email me.

Game UI

Where do I type the commands in?

What is that "Silly Clowns" menu item?


General Gameplay

What spells will a newly created character in QFG2 have?

Fighter I'm a magic-using Fighter. How can I cast spells during combat?

My Experience points have turned negative! What gives?

The afternoon hours just drag on and on while I wait for night to fall.

The original documentation says "Your Saurus will fight for you", but mine runs away instead. Is this a bug?

Thief Where are the Thieves' Guilds in Shapeir and Raseir?


City of Shapeir

I'm unable to walk around at the beginning of the game.

I keep getting the message "You must lure the Fire Elemental further into the alley" when fighting the fire elemental. What now?

What do I use to capture the Earth Elemental in? I've tried the pot, but that doesn't seem to work, and the elemental reappears again in the streets.

I tried to GIVE THE GHOUL CLAWS to Harik at the Apothecary, but he doesn't seem to take them. What do I do?

I have three dispel potions, but I only used up one. What are the other two for?

Fighter I'm trying to pass the EOF test. My Hero has broken the chains, but he won't go anywhere. What now?


Shapeirian Desert

What is the 5 W's puzzle / Dervish's puzzle? How do I solve it?

At night, after defeating and looting a pack of jackalmen, sometimes the game crashes with a "Oops. You've done something we didn't expect you to do!" error. What did I do?


Raseir & the Forbidden City

I heard something about a pair of X-ray glasses. Do I need them? Where can I get them?

What is the name of power? I'm stuck at the door to Iblis' cave in the Forbidden city.

Fighter Mage I've reached the balcony outside the chamber where Ad Avis is performing the Iblis Summoning Ritual. How do I stop him?

Fighter As a fighter, when I jump down from the balcony, I am supposed to confront and fight Khaveen. However, he summons the guards and my game ends! What gives?

Fighter I'm playing as a Fighter. However, I'm unable to kick the unlit candle to stop Ad Avis in the Ritual chamber. What's wrong?



At the end of QFG2, it says that the next game is Shadows of Darkness. Is that correct?

How can I become a Paladin in this game?