Ancient Sayings

These are my ancient sayings. (by me) don't expect them to make sense, they are deductions I have made in specific situations and most are not universally aplicable.

The Steps to Wisdom:
2)recognizing that you know nothing
3)recognizing the worth of a soul, and the effects it can and/or will have
4)recognizing the difference between can and will

Though we struggle all our lives we will only accomplish a small percentage of our goals, we can still preach perseverance, because we did accomplish some.

One must always take care in the assumptions they make. To believe something based on little or no evidence, or which is easily refutable by other data must be done with care, or else entire schools of so called "Wisdom" may be created on lies

We as a species spend millions of manhours seekig easily observable data that can be summed up in a few short comments, why? to avoid observing what we do not want to believe.

If you free yourself from regulation and rules, you will have a few days of excitement and change, and then new rules, those of hunger, exhaustion, and fear will force a new slavery upon you

love is incomprehensible, the reasons for it difficult to understand, and the possible extent limitless

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and a little in the eyes of the beheld.

Versatility is probobly THE most time consuming positive attribute to attain, the time and energy given to it will define the extent of the trait.

a new year is only a new day made grand

Another day past is either another day wasted, or another day loved, you choose.

A performance is never better than the most recent rehearsal, whether that be in mind or body.

Spontaneous performance is an art that is only perfected through practice

effort is irrelevant, sucess means everything when something needs to be done.

being a slacker is not an easy task, it requires a delicate balance of doing just enough work to be where you want to be but never more

Measuring intelligence is an impossible task

no language is self-defineable, the expression that defines it must also be defined ad infinetum.

all gossip is founded on something, It's founded on the foolish imaginations of idle idiots.

In a relaxed world we seek engaging entertainment, in a stressful world we seek relaxing entertainment, it's a matter of balance.

A broken jack-in-the-box can be the best entertainment in the world, you spin and spin the gear for hours and you still don't know when it is going to pop.

remove yourself from the world and its endless stream of useless data and analyze what has already come to you, learn from the silence in your mind.

One can often learn more by removing external sensation and remembering and analyzing the past. There is great joy in silence.

A little act of kindness always should be unrewarded. A large act of kindness is a composite of small ones.

When you really get down to it, life is simple, either you're dead, or you're not.

The greatest thing we can ever be is someone elses dream

If dreams are hopes and hopes are a reflection of our souls, are our dreams then a reflection of our souls? What then, can we say of nightmares?

The blundering fool makes little profit from the wise mans games.

The greatest pain one can feel is that which he inflicts upon himself.

Our minds are our greatest tool, you can use this tool not only to solve problems, but to conquer pain, destroy others, and create happiness, even complete control of our lives is within our grasp if we are willing but to seek it with all our hearts.

A Reflection: Whatever values you hold or injustices you feel have been done, do not give up on your cause. For he who gives up gains nothing, and risks losing all that he has
including his liberty, and his life.

A protest is nothing if you give up before it has even begun.

a simple song can bring out the best in us all

life is a dream, a dream of an endless song

and thus it is finished, and he has called, "the work is done" and we return to await the next call

The meaning of life is simple yet entirely complex, to live, for this is God's work and God's glory, "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (moses 3:34)

anger clouds reason, reason halts anger

If, say, a philosopher succeeded in his goals and looked god in the eye, what would he find there? would there be love or hate? would our nature disgust him, or please him? what do you think?

The price of understanding is sometimes greater than anyone wants to pay

remove your mind from its strict training and logical ways, you will be surprised what you may find inside.

to sing is to release, reflect, and amplify the pure emotion within our souls

the paladin's first love is his god

a smile and a song can give hope to the hopeless, and courage to the faint hearted.

let the bard sing

through our own evils are our souls stolen from us, and we are slowly bound thread by thread into the deepest pits.

Think and all shall be shown unto you

boredom strikes the many, happiness strikes the few

a single battle represents the direction a war is heading, so if you are forced to say, "you may have won the battle, but you will not win the war" too much, then in all likelihood, you have lost the war and you are lying.

beware what you know more than what you do not know, for knowledge is power, and power brings evil.

Logic can only accurately represent the emotionless, or the inadamant

Chaos is nearly as ruling in our lives as laws

Logic and perception are the keys to understanding

Do not fear what you do not know, until you know it and have reason to fear it.

Emotion is the bane of all logical knowledge, yet without it we are lifeless.

Our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams, all lost in the chaos of an ever changing world

there is no perfect government without a perfect leader, and a perfect people.

home is where we all wish our hearts were

the unknown, though it should not be feared, must be approached with some caution, but too much caution will stop growth. everyone must find a perfect balance between change and universiality.

are the proud really as proud as they seam?

racism exists only as long as we acnowledge that it exists. Anyone who says there is racism is racist because he acknowledges the difference.

pain and suffering are said to bring joy and happiness, but sometimes they only lead to more pain and suffering.

some people are just favored by the wings of time.

like my sayings? don't like my sayings? I don't care so don't email me about them. I don't accept sayings for this because then they are not mine. See ya!

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