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Most Deadlands sites appear on the Weird West Express Webring, so there's no point in listing them all here too. The sites below either do not appear on the webring, do appear on the webring and are still updated fairly frequently, or deserve a special mention for some reason. If you want your site added to this list (or if you want folks to know you've started updating again!) then E-Mail me and I'll get right on it.

Foremost, of course, is the Official Deadlands WebSite, which is the finest Deadlands site on the 'net and was created by the chaps at Pinnacle Entertainment Group Inc - who made the Deadlands and Hell on Earth RPG. Contains plenty of support material & loads of adventures, as well as more information about the game and news on upcoming releases. Updated every Tuesday.

Also, don't forget to check out the Weird West Express, a webring dedicated to the Deadlands:The Weird West RPG and contains over 100 websites!

While we're on the subject of webrings there's also a Deadlands:Hell on Earth Webring, a Deadlands:Doomtown CCG webring and a Deadlands:Great Rail Wars webring. Phew!

The Good, The Bad, And The Undead - Tons of support material. One of the first Unofficial Deadlands Sites. Has a Weird Western slang dictionary. Also contains a Hell On Earth section and details of other RPG's

Tom Cashman's - A whole bunch of adventures and more support material for Deadlands. Reviews of GRW miniatures and minis from other game companies. Weird West timeline.

Lycaeon's Scrollcase - Material for multiple RPG's, including Deadlands, AD&D, Bureau 13, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and others. Updated bi-weekly

Cactus:Colorado! - A whole Weird Western town! Story journals, adventures hooks, npc's and plenty of other material.

Afterburner - Home of the Deadlands listserve (go and join. Now!) and has new DL rules and material.

Kilroys Rant Page - Even more DL stuff. This site stopped updating a while ago but it doesn't appear on the webring so i've linked it here instead.

La Petite Hanse du Role - A DL website written in French. Contains all the usual DL goodies and material for Earthdawn too.

Defiance Industries - Military gizmos, firearms, and contraptions based around a fictional arms company. Has a certain WW1 feel to it.

Deadlands.Com - Info on the town of Stone Circle and it's populus. Has a DL-topic message board too.

The Bullet Hole - New material plus a large section on Denver from the "Shadis" magazine. You can also find a top-notch Hell on Earth site if you back up to the main page.

Graveyard Greg's - New DL ideas and a smashing HoE website too. Greg regularly submits material to the PEGinc website and his material here is of similar quality

High Noon in Hell - Another English website, so it must be good...

Last Stop on the Trail - Jay is a regular submitter to my own site and now has a website of his own with a Deadlands and Hell on Earth section. Top stuff, Jay!

The 6th Bullet - Very well presented DL site. Contains Pinnacle staff interviews and new source material and rules

The Hideout - New DL Material + reviews of supplements

Steve Wallace's Deadlands Website - Alternative rules and new ideas for the Deadlands RPG. Also contains an in-depth DL timeline based on events in the PEG sourcebooks

The Good, The Bad, and the Brash - Website with new rules and a Deadlands survey. Soon to be starting a DL "treasure hunt"...

Dead Man's Creek - A DL website with fantastic original artwork and new material for the RPG

The Ghost Town - The layout may be simplistic, but there's a load of new source material in here - including new Fu Powers.

Wounds Unlimited - Info on both Deadlands and Hell On Earth, including some adventures for the latter. Has info on Earthdawn too.

The Silver Bullet - Contains new material and reviews of DL supplements.

Barony of Gilead - Excellent Deadlands/HOE/GRW site. New material taken from the listserve and a comprehensive list of new (and old) rulings from the listserve. Includes photo's of GRW miniatures.

Dr Nukem's Website - Contains a compilation of hexes/adventures/miracles etc from around the 'net and a few new goodies too. Main new feature is the photo library of GRW miniatures, one of the biggest on the 'net

Dead Man Walkin' - Scott Hacker's website contains plenty of his musings for both the Weird West and Hell on Earth, with new magical powers and NPC's for both games.

For a more detailed overview on what's on the above websites (and some of the webring websites) check out the Big Index now!

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