WELCOME to the BGP 2 homepage......This gang is a little younger than BGP (ranging in ages from 10-15) but none the less deadly...so watch out for them in the zone cause they can definitely take care of themselves.....without a doubt. And if you do have any doubts...we are sure they can clear them up....If you are interested in joining the BGP2's just look forBGP2_RustyDawgy on the zone to tryout....if you dont see him there just send him an email and let him know you would like to join!!!!!! The only real requirement for BGP2 is to have fun and keep it clean. That's it. Also if you have any questions just contact the BGP co leaders PistolMomma or Ladyshotgun. Thanks and happy shootin!!!!!



BGP2_Courtney14 BGP2_JoJombo BGP2_DeerDung BGP2_colathugjr BGP2_New member


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