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The Alliance of Elnoven

So named in memory of the Guardians of Elnoven, who protected the lands of Terel from evil in ages past, the Alliance of Elnoven has stood strong since it was forged by need and the onset of darkness during the Vampyre Wars long ago. Within the Alliance are represented the Calian Warriors, the Ancient Mystic Order, the Knighthood of Solamnia, and the Rangers of the Westlands of Middle Earth.


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The Army of Angmar is no more. This means, of course, that the war is over, and that our goal for this page has been fulfilled. We will therefore be gradually shifting these pages over to coverage of the peacetime interests of guilds belonging to the Alliance. Assuming, that is, that there are no wars on the horizon.

Lord Igneous of the Shire has announced Sauron's decision to dissolve the Army of Angmar in 2 weeks. See Sauron's messenger's post on the Army's fall from his favour.

Monika writes, adding a bit to the report below. She says that she is not certain about the identity of the pair who killed her, but suggests that the nazgul involved may have been Celephias. Because I only spoke with one of her attackers, and because none of the parties involved are likely to send me logs, I cannot be certain myself at the moment. As for the motive, that seems fairly clear. Monika adds "...there was a conflict in command, Stern joined our guild, but did not accept his rules and thought the mages should command us," so I can hardly rule out King Stern as an attacker. Monika also says that she was afk while attacked, and adds that the Archmage (and purported Angmar ally) Locklear also killed her while afk later that day. Finally, Monika has returned to being a goblin again, and now looks like Deproelius' little sister.

Monika, the head of the Army of Angmar, has been slain by the first King of Minas Morgul and the current King of Minas Morgul, subsequently quitting the Army, joining the Gladiators, being expelled from the Disciples, quitting the Gladiators, and finally ending up as a guildless human. "Evil feeds upon itself," as we say in Krynn. An anonymous, but extremely reliable source informs me that Monika and Stern had a little disagreement about who should be giving orders and who should be following them.

Line writes to contest the figures below, saying that Jecose and Jadavin were not AA at the time they were killed. This may well be true. I suppose I could have given them their own category of "Angmar allies who are themselves on-and-off Angmars who were killed for things they did while Angmars or while attacking Vingaard Keep in the company of Angmars," but I was trying to keep it simple. I also counted Lanfear as an ally killed, although, as a Neidar, he isn't actually in the Alliance at all. Like I said, just trying to keep it simple.

Line also thought I overlooked those who died in the bushes outside the Angmar guildhouse, but apparently she wasn't reading very carefully. Finally, she says that Caldin was a veteran after he was killed the first time. I have verified (with one of those who killed him the second time) that he was again a champion by his second death, but I will assume that Line may be right about the third time. That modifies the count to 13-14 Allied-type champions' deaths vs. 20-23 Angmar-type. I apologize for the inaccuracy, especially as it compelled me to bore you all with this bulky and insignificant erratum.

Word has reached us that an officer of the Army of Angmar claims that "all (the Alliance) can manage to do is kill youngsters," and that people should "look at the scoreboard." So I did a quick tally of the "Deaths" page. I don't know if a few of those people were veterans or champions at the times of their deaths, but it looks to me as if 8 Allied champions have been killed by Angmarim (Danov twice, Lanfear, Ferris, Terissa, Fanatica, Imrahil, and Alexus) and 20+ Angmar champs have been killed by Allied forces (Caldin three times, Jecose, Soote, Emper and Vygiz twice each, Straag, Ra, Nalfein, Pennywise, Zizo, Hokus, Jadavin, Bueradin and Cerlion -- the size of Sarenkir, Bhimasena, Growl and some others I am not sure of) since war was declared. If we add in those who died at the hands of the Angmar guild guards, that would make the totals more like 13-14 Allied champs killed, versus 21-24 Angmar champs. Am I missing something, or are servants of the Dark Lord not particularly honest?

The Monk/Angmar Bonk has written to us, saying that he is a peaceful sort, dislikes the war, and hopes to stay out of it.

We had been hearing for some time that members of the Army of Angmar have been leaving in droves, so I began a comprehensive updating of the description lists. And, I must say, they do indeed seem to be leaving rather quickly! The following have lately had their listing changed to "ex-Angmar": Bebop, Becher, Bloodlust, Bueradin, Cabral, Caesar, Casba, Cereal, Crusher, Crystania, Dakandaar, Darth, Doughboy, Drakman, Elysia, Fido, Flex, Flippyjoe, Gallahan, Gargayle, Ghazg, Gilean, Gnarf, Gobba, Gram, Grimace, Gruff, Grunge, Gurgel, Hendrix, Indigo, Ishnacht, Jadavin, Julia, Karpath, Kong, Krangh, Kuri, Kysler, Lappnil, Laurel, Lazarus, Limbeck, Lindros, Linus, Locklear, Magnoro, Malachi, Mali, Maren, Melchar, Metrx, Mickey, Morg, Moridin, Narf, Natas, Necros, Nyle, Oloth, Pell, Pippilotta, Pirvan, Ponka, Rhunt, Sarenkir, Skarsnik, Soote, Spazm, Stern, Talis, Thor, Thurin, Tinkel, Tock, Torak, Tweed, Ufthak, Ugelplect, Umbar, Uriel, Vassago, Weed, Whisper, Winnetou, Zayn, Zeppelin, and Zizo (plus some others I am overlooking). My condolences to the half-dozen or so new members that have been added. While some of these defections almost certainly predate the war, it is clear that the Army is now little more than a platoon, having dropped from 143 members 9 months ago to 85 today, and, at these attrition rates, the Army will cease to exist within 13 months.

Links to sites connected with Alliance guilds have been added on the "Other News" page. If you know of one that we have missed, please mail us.

The thief Natas writes, claiming that he has left the Angmar guild and wishes to be neutral now. Note also that several larger and older folk have left the Army since the war broke out, so checking the Angmar lists from time to time would probably be wise.

The gladiator Ishtar has contacted us and said that she regrets her decision to have once assisted against Alliance forces, and that she wishes to be neutral in this war. She has accordingly been removed from the Angmar description list.

Because the original list is awkward and slow to use in potential combat situations, an alternate version of the Angmar description list has been added. The new one is sorted by description, rather than by name.

A number of updates have been made to the angmar description list, our thanks to several contributors.

Saviours from Shadows has been added to the Battles page.

Victory on the High Seas has been added to the Battles page.

At her request, Line's description has been removed from the list of Angmarim and their allies, as she wishes to be uninvolved in this war. Note also that the monk Mortimor is neutral.

A number of people have sent in updates and corrections to the list of Angmar descriptions. Our thanks to those who have done so! If you haven't found someone on the list you were looking for in the past, you might want to look again.

A counter has been added to the site. The title logo and menu buttons have been added courtesy of Croft MarKenin.

The site is open on quite an auspicious day. Contributions, comments and suchlike are welcome, merely visit the contribution page.
N.B. The Perl script that we had been using for contributions doesn't seem to be working. We hope that it will be debugged soon so that contributions can be sent in that way. Until it is repaired, you may still use the email address given on the contributions page.

Preliminary page up. Links won't work yet. Mainly a layout test and content review.

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