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Species_clar-x's Home Planet

Albian Critter Litter


Hi, Welcome to my page! I don't really feel like listing everything that I have, because I'll be changing my page frequently. So stop by every now and then and check up on it. :)

If you would like to use any of the graphics or animations I created you must E-mail me and ask for my permission first. Please do not copy them without my permission. I worked very hard on some of these.


Cob's Galore

Norns Cemetary

Creatures Utilities

CONTEST!!!! Muh hahahaha!

Clar-X's Chat Planet


Other stuff

My way of saying Thanks :) for the Graphics

Creatures main web site

Cyberlife's Creatues web site

Some images from Hey You Graphics.

Norn Graphics

Daniel Smallman's Creatures Corner

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