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Our Mission

To Provide Real Estate Services that enable your Real Estate Dream Come true.

Online Real Estate System is system that helps both consumer and real estate firm in communication, information analysis, providing information and information gathering.

For communication in provide an alternative way for the consumer and real estate agent to communicate. This type of communication is lower cost compare with other communication tools.

Information Analysis
For information analysis, it getting all the data that required then show out the most hits property that required by the market. Real estate management can use this information that generated to come out strategies to attack the market.

Providing Information
In providing information, it provides all the data that need by the consumer and real estate agent like property price, location and area of the unit.

Information Gathering
It helps the real estate firm to increase the property listing by the owner directly fill their property detail into the system without going through estate agent or real estate firm personnel.


Contact Information

Name : Titan

Job Title : Information System Engineer

Telephone : 016-4321369
Electronic mail : titan4028@gmail.com


Send mail to titan4028@gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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