Who, me?

So. This is me... Before I go on, how cool and sophisticated does this website look?! I'm so impressed.

My bedroom. Why? Well, there's an explanation at the bottom of the photo, so... go have a look. ;)

Ok. I'm trying to decide how exactly I want to write this, as there's several different ways. I could do it the boring way, or I could just write whatever comes to my head, though I've saved that for wesaw...

That's me.. and... i could find more photos, but I can't be bothered to.

Basically, my name is Em, I'm a student, just finished year 11 studying English, Maths, French, Psych, History and year 12 Outdoor Ed. I'm part of a band called "Seance" I'm the lead singer and I write the lyrics and put the melodies and most of the harmonies to the songs..Meh. I'm not really all that ineresting.

Likes: Music, French, Silverchair, Singing, Writing (songs + stories) Dressing with style, my Fish (Alfred (Freddy) and Jazz) my dog (Australian shepherd called Biscay- he rules all things awesome). Hugs, all things fantasy, France- Paris!! Baby animals- DUCKLINGS!! I met the best duck/ling the other day. I tamed him up so he ate bread out of my hand.., fruit (in the summer), Autumn (although Australian autumns suck. Nothing happens). Spongebob! (he's a dude!), the Simpsons, Strongbad, feeling wanted, wolves + eagles, finally finishing a story, being complimented- although I usually won't accept them writing a *really* good song and putting it to music, and having everyone say that really like it. Hearing people singing one of my songs and admitting that it's been stuck in their head for 3 days straight.

Dislikes: Writers block, bad music, bad French, People abusing power/abusing children/abusing animals. People who judge other people by what they like/don't like or watch on tv or look like etc. Too many hot, stupid, Australian summer days. Life? Sometimes. Criticism- however constructive. "Constructive criticism; the "nice" way of telling someone they're crap. I'm sorry, but I can't handle it. Criticize me on anything and I'll lose all confidence I had in whatever you criticized me on. Lies when you know they're lies. Having to carefully chose everything you say or write because you know someone else is going to hear or read it and possibly judge you on it.. People disregarding the fact that I might be really upset because they think I'm just moody.

I'm so into Elendor at the moment- so into Megan, she's awesome. When I played Llyna I used to almost dread rp, I'd /never/ suggest it and I'd avoid it a lot.. But since I made Meg I'm the one bugging everyone else for Rp- I finally realise what the big deal about RP here is- I didn't understand it before but now I do, it's good as... And I still love Bree- it's the best ever. So far I've been a part of Ndaedeldhrim, Imladris, Harad and Beorning (and Bree, bien sur) and Bree is still kicking them all.

I hate people who get really strung up on the fundamentals and rules of rping and are so worried about rules and regulations that everyone else feels restricted. If everyone was like these people there would be no rp, and I certainly wouldn't find it enjoyable and would have left Elendor a long time ago. How about we make Rp fun, rather than worrying about crossing our is and dotting our ts?.. I mean.. reverse that. There's no point in being on Elendor if it's not to Rp and enjoy rping- if you get hung up on every little detail, it takes the fun out of rp. If you get in trouble every time you rp just for the sake of rp- even if you should be elsewhere, even if flashbacks weren't formerly approved, then whos' going to want to start rp- everyone will be so afraid of stepping out of place, of crossing the wrong line or rubbing someone's fur the wrong way.. rp should be enjoyable and about having fun- not about what we're not meant to be doing or what we're doing wrong.

That's just my opinion, and no offense should be taken by anyone in reading it. I can voice my opinions, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.