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Well, a bit of history...

The TJC Astronomy Club has come a long way to become one of the best equipped and most established astro clubs in Singapore. It has clinched top positions (both group and individual champions) in the inter-college Astro-Quiz organised by the Nanyang Technological University in years 1999 and 2001, and was featured on TV 12 in 2000.

Launched in the mid 1980s, it started off as an amateur astronomy club. Since then, it had procured 2 telescopes (C8 and Genesis), 8 binoculars,other accessories and material resources which largely facilitate and enhance its learning activities organised for the members. Having shifted its activity venues a few times over the years, it's now operating in room 112 in the College.

Regular meetings are held on Friday nights. Activities include talks, audio-visual presentations and stargazing. Occasional overnight stargazing sessions outside the College and special projects like exhibitions, quiz, are also conducted.

The use of IT is heavily promoted in the activities especially internet and multimedia presentations. The Club is also currently fostering closer working relations and collaborations with other Astro clubs and Astronomy organisations. For instance, in the Astronomy exhibition at the Singapore National Museum in June 2001 organised by the newly formed Astronomy 2001 Committee, the Club's current Chairman Lu Siu Yong has contributed some assistance in its organisation and also emerged a winner the Astro-Challenge. Camps organised by the NTU and Ngee Ann Poly also help bring the astro clubs together.

Many Thanks to Teacher-in-charge Mr Chan Cheo Wee for helping to write this.

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