Event Horizon


The Light Barrier

Hubble's Constant

The Cosmological Constant



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The powerpoints are in here for you to download and are in no order when they're made. Permission is given by the creators to allow these presentations to be made avaliable for the public.

The file and link will be given followed by a short description.

Celestial Coordinates : Abrief introduction to what they are.

Fate Of The Universe : What will happen? Get it to find out.

Pioneer, Galileo & Gaspra : A look into the 2 probes and the asteriod one of them fly by.

Milky Way : A look at galaxies besides our own.

Radio Astronomy & Spectroscopy : A summary of what these 2 aspects of Astro are.

Telescope : A presentation on telescopes and how it works.

The Not So Noticed Solar System : Get to know what else is there beside the planets.

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