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Yin and Yang
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Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

The Uncute Tomboy

The youngest daughter, age 16, like Ranma. A hot-tempered boy-hating kempoist, yet admired by many boys at school. She refuses to be betrothed against her will, especially to a hentai weirdo like Ranma (who doesn't like being engaged to a violent tomboy any better).

Akane is jealous of Ranma's many girlfriends, but hotly denies her interest in Ranma. Ranma denies his attraction to Akane just as vehemently. But despite their constant bickering and denials, Akane and Ranma do grow to like each other, though they cannot admit it.

Though her poisonous cooking is the bane of the dojo, Akane will never accept defeat. Her attempts to cook often end in a contest to see who will have to try it. Being Akane's fiance, Ranma is usually the unwilling victim.

Akane is totally inept at traditional feminine pursuits like cooking, sewing, and tea ceremony. She keeps trying and takes pride in her work, then gets upset when someone (usually Ranma) criticizes it. Even at martial arts, she is often clumsy. And she swims like a hammer.

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