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Yin and Yang
Was Never So Much Fun

Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

The Worthless/Selfish Father of Ranma

Ranma's insensitive father. Long ago he arranged with his Soun Tendo, that their children would marry. While training Ranma at the remote Chinese training ground Jusenkyo, Ranma kicked him into Shonmaoniichuan where a panda drowned 2000 years ago. To Ranma's shock, Genma emerged as a panda. As the guide explained the tragic legend of the spring, Genma whacked the distracted Ranma into Nyanniichuan.

Unlike Ranma, he doesn't have much trouble with his curse, and becomes quite accustomed to living as a panda (comporting himself with human dignity even as he sips tea and plays shogi with Soun). Since he can't speak as a panda, he uses wooden signs to communicate.

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