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Yin and Yang
Was Never So Much Fun

Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

The Dirty Old Man

A powerful old man, possessed of an evil spirit. The feared and loathed sensei of Genma and Soun. 10-several years ago, he harshly trained them by making them take part in his plundering and endure the punishments when he left them behind. Finally, they got him drunk, chained him in a barrel, threw the barrel in a cave, and sealed the cave with dynamite and a boulder hung with Buddhist scriptures.

He escapes. Presently he moves into the Tendo dojo to train his successor. Genma gives him Ranma to train.

A 110% pervert, he lifts skirts, commits random acts of frottage, and constantly goes around stealing women's underwear for his extensive collection. His perversions are the source of his strength; without touching young female bodies or underwear, he loses his power. Akane and especially Ranma are his favorite targets.

  • Text by Terry Martin.
  • Edited by Brad Rancourt.

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