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Yin and Yang
Was Never So Much Fun

Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

The Black Rose

Kuno's stranger younger sister, age 16. She's a formidable martial arts MRG (modern rhythmic gymnastics) expert from Furinkan High's rival St. Hebereke girls' academy.

Kodachi has taken to heart the principle that "all is fair in love and war". She honorably wins all her matches by default by taking out her opponents before the competition. She remorselessly uses every dirty trick at her disposal in order to win.

A favorite trick of hers is to give her victim a bouquet of black roses loaded with exploding powder, to induce sleep or paralysis.

After a thwarted attack on Akane in her bedroom before their upcoming match, Ranma, chasing P-chan, accidentally knocks her off the dojo roof, then unknowingly rescues her. When she comes to and sees the hunk who "saved" her, she falls for Ranma. Living a sheltered life in a girls' school, she had given up hope of a normal relationship (in her words).

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