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Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

The Sex Obsessed Neurotic

Tatewaki Kuno, 17-sai (17 years old), boastful captain of the kendo club. Apparently of wealthy samurai lineage.

At a speech contest, he announced that anyone who would date Akane must first defeat her in a fight. So every morning, Akane runs the gauntlet from the school gate to the door, beating up Kuno and a legion of attacking suitors.

Hearing about Ranma and Akane's engagement, Kuno challenges Ranma. But during their fight, a strange pigtailed girl mysteriously takes Ranma's place and KO's Kuno. Kuno falls for the powerful mystery girl.

The other students accept Ranma and Akane's betrothal when Ranma decisively beats Kuno, though Kuno himself cannot bring himself to give up on either Akane or the pigtailed girl. Hating Ranma for being too close to both girls, he agonizes over which one he loves more (which his classmate Nabiki happily capitalizes on).

  • Text by Terry Martin.
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