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Yin and Yang
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Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

Blind as a Duck

A boy blindly following his love, Shampoo, who detests him. Even with his thick Coke-bottle glasses, he mistakes bystanders, statues, and telephone poles for other people.

When he was a child, he tried to win Shampoo in a fight and lost. Yet still he tries to win her heart.

Cologne tells Mousse that Shampoo is going to marry Ranma. So he challenges his new rival for Shampoo's affections to a man-to-man fight (a troublesome point for Ranma).

When Ranma defeats him, he seeks training at Jusenkyo, where he walks into Yaazuniichuan, a spring where a wild duckling drowned 1300 years ago. He returns to Japan with a supply of Yaazuniichuan water, in order to turn Ranma into a duck too. He fails.

Mousse goes to work at the Neko Hanten to be close to Shampoo, where he takes a lot of abuse. He hates Ranma, and would dearly like to do away with Shampoo's "husband".

  • Text by Terry Martin.
  • Edited by Brad Rancourt.

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