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Konichi Wa

Welcome to my home away from home. At the moment this place is under heavy construction but i hope it'll be finish soon.
This page is updated frequently so please come back, who know's one day i might make that large overhual i've been promising.

New Icon16/6/99
Quick brief for those still listening. Two cons remaining this year in the UK. They are :

Shinnenkai '99. August 28th-30th. Unfortunately i will probably not make it
November 5-7. I will definitely make this con... no surprise really.

Mayhaps i shall see you at one? On the fan sub side there are two new (well actually one re-opened) distributors withing the UK. The only problem is that they only distibute in NTSC format (NO PAL) and only within the UK. They are:

Yuri Distribution
Jimaku Animation

Um, oh and praise Giant Robo for being the top series that it is. The links page has been updated, others.... one day.
Back to work *sigh*.

P.T.O for what's on this site

Mail me comments, inquiries

This realm has been chosen since it's birth 21/3/97

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