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The context and process of voicework

Your voice is a reflection of you at any given moment, the realisation in sound of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self. Whatever affects you affects your voice. Working openly and respectfully with your inner life, your personal history and present concerns is therefore an essential part of 'Free Your Voice' sessions. The aim is to achieve greater physical, psychological and vocal freedom. These sessions can be both challenging and highly therapeutic, a means of developing your voice and of coming to know yourself more deeply.

Voice production: singing and speaking

Providing detailed and structured training for the technical and mechanical aspects of voice is a key element in the holistic 'Free Your Voice' approach. Techniques may include breathing and movement work, scales and vocal exercises, the use of imagery, role play, and song and text interpretation. Working methods are tailored to suit the needs of the moment.

Performing and recording

Performing, broadcasting, public speaking and recording can open up wonderful new possibilities for self-expression and creativity, as well as pose particular challenges. I also offer support, consultancy and training in these areas.


Good practice dictates that, regardless of how well or qualified or experienced a voiceworker is, supervision with a consultant helps to protect standards. I receive regular supervision for all of my work.


I treat all information disclosed to me as confidential. Any information my supervisor receives is also treated as confidential and I do not disclose client details to any third party. In the rare event that I feel a client is either a danger to themselves or others, I do reserve the right to inform outside agencies, but would not do so without, wherever possible, informing the client first.

Working together

It is important that we are both happy with whichever way we choose to work together. Please feel free to tell me what feels right for you and what doesn't - I will do the same. The more you are able to free your voice with me, the better.

Rates for individual work (UK pounds)

Initial session (one hour and twenty minutes): 45

Subsequent sessions (50 minutes): 35

Discount scheme: 120 for a pre-paid block of four (30 each)

Please email me if you would like to know more about what I do, or would like to talk about working together.

Singing workshops and courses

Learning to use your voice creatively and confidently within a group is a powerful experience. I run regular low-cost groups in 5-week evening classes and one-day workshops. I also run singing days for choirs, theatre groups and community centres.

Personal and professional development

Personal and Professional Development workshops are tailor-made for organisations and special-interest groups. Topics include 'Finding Your Voice: Finding Yourself', and 'Voices in the Therapeutic Encounter' (training for therapists and counsellors). In 'Ancestral Voices', you explore how voices of key people in your childhood - the sounds and your associations with those sounds, and the messages you received about your own voice - have influenced your current voice patterns; you can begin to retrieve what was lost, and to transform and heal your voice.

Healing work

Free healing sessions through voice and sound are offered, and last from 1 to 1.5 hours. The techniques used can also be taught on a one-to-one basis in 'Free Your Voice' sessions.

COMING SOON: a short course entitled 'THE VOICE OF HEALING', exploring sound healing techniques with the voice.

Alexander Massey MA PGCE MSc

For the last 15 years I have worked with people's voices in theatres, schools, universities, therapy centres and businesses.

Starting as a classical singer in opera and concert halls, I later added cabaret, jazz, folksong, and storytelling to my activities.

This expansion of my own self expression and confidence came from a growing awareness of the deep links between breath, body, psyche and voice.

If you want to talk about exploring and developing your own voice, please do get in touch.

To CONTACT me and/or to join my MAILING LIST:


WRITE to me (land-mail) at: Free Your Voice, 19 Florence Park Road, Oxford OX4 3PN, England

PHONE me on: (+44) (0) 1865 716571

I look forward to hearing from you!

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