FREE YOUR VOICE - Voice and psyche: a reading list

VOICE AND PSYCHE: a reading list

compiled by Alexander Massey at FREE YOUR VOICE

Aronson, A. E. (1990) Clinical voice disorders: an interdisciplinary approach, Third edition, Thieme, New York

Chap. 6: "Psychogenic voice disorders", pp. 116-159 - includes an excellent reading list.

Chap. 7: "Adductor spastic dysphonia", pp. 160-183 - looks at the pyschogenic causes (often trauma or severe stress), and the psychosocial effects of this voice disorder (occupational, social and emotional).

Bady, S.L. (1985) "The voice as curative factor in psychotherapy", Psychoanal. Rev., 479-490

This article on the importance and meaning of voice for patient and pyschotherapist alike makes extremely interesting reading. The author goes into considerable detail about how the therapist's voice can facilitate therapy and how the patient's voice indicates that person's emotional status. The act of verbalising one's thoughts is analyzed as a physical as well as pscholgic one, having almost tactile effects. [Aronson]

Boone, D.R. (1991) Your voice is telling on you, Whurr, London

Boone, D.R. & Macfarlane, S.L. (1988) The voice and voice therapy, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Brumfitt, S. & Clarke, P. (1982) "An application of psychotherapeutic techniques to the management of asphasia", in Code, C. & Muller, D.J. (eds.) Asphasia therapy, Arnold, London

Butcher, P., Elias, A. & Raven, R. (1993) Psychogenic voice disorder and cognitive-behaviour therapy, Studies in disorders of communication, Whurr, London

Compton, D.G. (1993) Stammering: its nature, history, causes and cures, Hodder & Stoughton, London

Dalton, P. (1994) Counselling people with communication problems, Counselling in Practice, Sage, London

Duncan, S., Rice, L. and Butler, J.M. (1968) "The therapists' paralanguage in peak and poor psychotherapy hours", J. Abnorm. Pyschology, 73, 566-570

Fawcus, M. (ed.) (1986) Voice disorders and their management, Croom Helm, London

Freeman, M. (1986) "Psychogenic voice disorder: a multifactorial problem" in Fawcus, M. (ed.) (1986) Voice disorders and their management, Croom Helm, London

Freeman, M. (1986) "When is a voice disorder psychogenic? Some considerations for diagnosis and management", in Fawcus, M. (ed.) (1986) Voice disorders and their management, Croom Helm, London

Garfield Davies, D. and Jahn, A.J. (1998) Care of the professional voice: a management guide for singers, actors and professional voice users, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford

Gravell, R. & France, J. (1991) Speech and Communication Problems in Psychiatry, Chapman and Hall, London

Greene, M. & Mathieson, L. (1989) The voice and its disorders, Fifth edition, Whurr Publishers, London - one of the 'classic' medical texts on voice disorders.

Chap. 10: "Psychogenic voice disorders", pp. 161-181

Chap. 11: "Psychogenic and endocrine disorders of pitch", pp. 183-202

Hargreaves, W.A. and Starkweather, J.A. (1964) "Voice quality changes in depression", Lang. Speech, 7, 84-88

House, A.O. & Andrews, H.B. (1987) "The psychiatric and social characteristics of patients with functional dysphonia", Journal of Pyschosomatic Research, 31, 4, 483-490

House, A.O. & Andrews, H.B. (1988) "Life events and difficulties preceding the onset of functional dysphonia", Journal of Pyschosomatic Research, 32, 3, 311-319

Kramer, E. (1963) "Judgment of personal characteristics and emotions from nonverbal properties of speech", Pschol. Bull., 60, 408-420

An excellent, unbiased critical review of the literature on the relationship between voice, personality, emotions, and psychopathology. [Aronson]

Luterman, D. (1984) Counselling the communicatively disordered and their families, Little, Brown, Boston

Newham, P. (1997) The prophet of song: the life and work of Alfred Wolfsohn, Tigers Eye Press, London & Boston

A fascinating little book tracing the evolution of this pioneer's explorations into voice, psyche and much more.

Newham, P. (1998) Therapeutic Voicework: principles and practice for the use of singing as a therapy, Jessica Kingsley, London

One of the best books around at the moment: clear exposition of ideas, well researched, an absolute must for any serious voiceworker.

Punt, N. A. (1979) The singer's and actor's throat, 3rd edition, Heinemann, London

A nice little book, with a very good introduction that any professional voice user would do well to read. It is reassuring that the demands on the professional voice user are understood so well. Unfortunately it is no longer in print, but good libraries or a seasoned speech therapy department may have a copy.

Purser, H. (1982) Psychology for speech therapists, British Psychological Society, Leicester

Rodenburg, P. (1992) The right to speak: working with the voice, Methuen, London - the first section is especially useful for an overview of the psychosocial and political aspects of voice.

Simonov, F.V. and Frolov, M.V. (1973) "Utilization of human voice for estimation of man's emotional stress and state of attention", Aerospace Med., 44, 256-258

Weiss, D.A. (1955) "The psychological relations to one's own voice", Folia Phoniatrica 7, 209-22

Wilson, G.D. (1994) Psychology for the performing artists: butterflies and bouquets, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London

Ziegler, F.S. and Imboden, J.B. (1962) "Contemporary conversion reactions: II. Conceptual model", Arch. Gen. Psychiatry, 6, 279-287

An absolute must for anyone who works with psychogenic voice disorders because it explains so well the modern interpretation of conversion and hysteria. [Aronson]

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