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BARD (Bodleian Access to Remote Databases)
BUBL (Bulletin Board for Libraries)
CCTA's UK Government Information Service
Index by Organisation; Index by Function; Searching for Information; Government On-Line; Service Information.
NISS Information Gateway
National Information Services and Systems
List of British Universities. Access to library online catalogues.


Publications, articles, papers and musical compositions

Using the Literature: 3 x 4 Analogies
Alexander Massey, 20 May 1996, The Qualitative Report, Vol.2, No. 4

DejaNews - my recent writings
Click on the above and paste in - Alexander Massey Oxford - as a search term if you want to see my most recent e-mail postings to various dicussion groups


Dillons, Gower Street

Sage Publications

Qual. Res. Methods (Sage)
Gen. Res. Methods (Sage)
Sage Publications Online Home Page

UKdirectory - Books


13th Qualitative Analysis Conference
AERA (American Educational Research Association)
Essex '96 Fourth International Conference of the ISA
ISA (International Sociological Association)


Links on Indexes and Encyclopedias
Webster's Dictionary


BUBL - Education
DFEE (Department for Education and Employment)
Education (Virtual Library)
Ofsted Reports Database
Times Higher Education Supplement


Cyberspace law

Discussion lists

Discussion Lists: Mailserver Commands
Summary of commands for five widely used mail server programs used to manage Internet discussion lists: Listserv, Listproc, Mailbase, Mailserv, and Majordomo.
Complete list of all Mailbase discussion lists + info on joining, owners and moderators, members and mail archives for each list. Can also search for lists; by topic; locate a person1s e-mail address; search for archives of a specified list.

Internet Research

Internet Research : Journal Homepage.
Internet Research aims to describe, assess, and foster understanding of the role of telecommunications networks in society. Its primary focus is on multipurpose wide-area computer networks, such as the Internet.
IntR: The Ethics of Research in Cyberspace

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
Network Observer
Scout Report Homepage
Well researched and edited weekly update of interesting and useful resources on the net. There's also an archive.
The Virtual Community (book)
World Wide e-mail search



Contacts - OUDES
Contacts - University
World Wide e-mail search

OUDES (Dept. of Ed. Studies)
Oxford information
Oxford University Networked Information System


BUBL - Research
Mead (George Herbert)
Narrative Psychology
PARNet Home Page
Participatory Action Research


An annoted bibliography; Ference Marton's list of phenomenographic publications; Ingrid Pramling's list of phenomenographic publications; Dissertation abstracts; Dissertation summaries; Journal abstracts
Phenomenography bibliography (annotated)
Christine Bruce and Rod Gerber (Queensland University of Technology) Updated by Wayne Hartley and Janene Hillhouse. Wayne can be contacted at:

Qualitative Report (on-line journal)
Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet
Announcements for confs. and papers; proceedings; disciplines; discussion forums; e-journals; grants; methods; papers; publishers; QDA software resources; presentations of res. on the Internet; conceptual and phil. foundations; misc.

Software and qualitative data analysis


Networking project funded by ESRC. Runs 1 and 2 day courses (free) on single packages. Seminars. Newsletter. e-mail discussion group on software packages. Downloadable software packages. Advisory Helpline.

CAQDAS - bibliography
CAQDAS - Homepage

Qualitative Software Resources
ETHNO, ETHNOGRAPH, HyperQual, HyperSoft, NUDIST, Qualpro, TAP, Textbase Alpha, Code-a-text, AQUAD, Atlas/ti, HyperResearch, Intext, Kit, Kwalitan, QMethod, Winmax, askSam, Folio Views, MaxThink, Storyspace
Q.D.A. Resources
Q.S.R. Home Page (NUD*IST)
Software (Harald Klein)

Symbolic Interactionism

INTERACT archives
SSSI Homepage
The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism
SSSITALK archives


BUBL - Sociology
BUBL - Social Sciences
Electronic Journal of Sociology

SOSIG (Social Science Information Gateway)

SOSIG - Add New Resource
SOSIG - Gateway
SOSIG - Methodology

Social science discussion lists
Social Science Links (from NIU)
Social Sciences (Virtual Library)
Soc. Sci. big page of resources




Applied Ethics Resources on WWW
Ethics on the WWW
Very large list of links. Excellent.
Human subjects and research ethics
Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Gary Shank Homepage
Links to semiotics, QualPage, philosophy, Grateful Dead, mediaevalist.
Gestalt Therapy
Ancient & med. phil.; modern phil.; contemp. academic phil.; contemp. bizarre phil.; History and Philosophy of Science and Technology - all these give links to sites for individual names, 'isms', discussion groups ...
Philosophy on the Web
BIG RESOURCE - Directories; Bibliographies; Departments; E-journals; E-texts; FAQ's; Gophers; Journals and Societies; Preprints and working papers; Projects; Publishers; Software
Shamanism newsgroup FAQ
Whitman, Walt. 1900. Leaves of Grass.
Has link to access random koans - nice!


(WARNING: the first two links can be VERY SLOW to load)

American Universities
Mike Conlon at the University of Florida
College and University Home Pages
Christina DeMello: February 10, 1996. This list now has over 2450 entries!
List of British Universities. Access to library online catalogues.
UK Sensitive Map - Academic
Universities around the World
Gives access to university homepages, and links to other lists of universities. Access to electronic library catalogues, though many need passwords.

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