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Welcome to the newly improved news network. I am Mak Kum Shi, and I am proud to present to you lots of informative material. This website will attempt to comply to international copyright laws and thus, we take every effort to protect ourselves from legal suits. In addition to that, while you may use the material here, please take note, for your protection, that you may not distribute it without the consent of the representative of the club and the copyright holders.

It is the sole right of the copyright holder to decide if he will allow his material used for fair use. Thus, I hereby declare that you must have written consent from the holders of the copyright before

  1. linking up to this homepage,
  2. using any of the material in your homepages or
  3. distributing it formally without prior consent.

The key word here is formally. That means, it may not pass through the newsgroups or commercial media without permission. You may do such things from scratch, but taking material from here is not acceptable.

And now, our defence and declaration of our intention:

  1. This is a informal homepage. Thus, it acts in my own capacity.
  2. I declare that the material here is used for reporting and educational purposes.
  3. I declare that I will NEVER make a profit out of the material here.
  4. The information here is objective and mostly factual. We are not responsible for any errors found here.
  5. In addition, I will not claim copyright for any material that does not belong to me. And I will state my source. Be assured, that I will remove any material which is against the law, IF you so happen to be owning the copyright. Thank you for your time.

And now:

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Any comments or suggestions can be brought forward to: verdandi@pacific.net.sg

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