Home Alone - Too

Welcome to my home! I take a homepage quite literal. So get out your joystick for a lo-tech virtual walkthru of my poor man's castle ....

I live by myself in a 2-bedroom condominium in the heart of downtown Toronto. Being a proud first time home owner, I am beginning to grow quite fond of my humble abode. Part of the fun is doing small renovations and seeing the progressive results. Itís by no means luxurious and if you look carefully, you can spot subtle hints of my incoherent tacky taste. Just the same, everyone who visits just love my place - so welcome!

This is my favorite place, the master bedroom (heehee). My cousin helped me pick the warm terracotta red with a cool green background. It's especially cozy and warm during the winter months with the down duvet, (you), and my furry friends (they are NOT stuffed animals - they are human beans!). This is also where I practise my violin.

Both my bedroom and living room leads to the balcony with a view of the Toronto skyline. My favorite past time during our short Summer mornings is to read a book, write letters, and B-B-Q to a setting sun on the balcony.

My kitchen nook. I also love entertaining friends for balcony brunches and 5 course candlelight dinners with a bottle of wine or three. You're invited but you must love garlic and olive oil! I enjoy doing French and Italien cooking rather than Chinese because it's a little easier to pair up a bottle of wine.

This is my BIG kitchen - it's one of the times I do admit being a size queen. I just love to cook even though I'm not very good nor creative. It's also fun to experiment on my dwindling supply of friends. I only wish I can cook Chinese cuisine better - will you teach me?

And here is my second bedroom which I've turned into a study/music studio. This is where I keep my PC and an old Roland Super JX-10 keyboard (76 keys). I also have a Proteus 1 with orchestral expander and a Midiverb III.

For the techies, my PC is a Pentium 133 clone with 32 meg RAM, 1.2G drive, 17" Nec XP-17, SB Awe32 PnP w/ASP, 28.8 modem, Alps keyboard with built-in glidepoint (no mouse!) and an old Canon bubble jet printer running Windows 95. (whew!) You cannot believe all the wiring for the multimedia PC, my synths, lights, and the mixer! My next toy is to get a second disk drive to run Windows NT and a cheap hand scanner for converting printed music into midi formats. I'm not much of a keyboardist. Primarily, I use it to do orchestral arrangements for my ensembles.

Hey .... wake up!! That's it. Thank you for visiting my home!

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