A Never Ending Story

Welcome to my first homepage! Now please don't start flipping all over my pages looking for those silly photos. I am beginning to think that the virtue of patience and the excitement of anticipation is lost to mankind with this instant accessibility of hypertext links. In spite of this new media, I wish to express myself and hope to capture enough of your interest to invoke a positive and non-violent response.
It has been my lifetime yearning to shout to the world that I exist and therfore, I am on the internet to tell you my never ending story. And now, I silently await your distant sympathetic echo. I love getting Email (but not junk mail). So please write and let me know what's on your mind, share some ideas, and get to know one another. Also be assured that I'm more 'user-friendly' than Windows 96 .... so read on and (hopefully) enjoy !!

P.S. Being my first web page construction, please pardon all the bugs, quirks, poor gramma and speling. Initially, there will be constant revisions and fixes. Also I hope you like the tacky wallpapers and melodramatic music I have chosen as a background to my story. Coke is good, but try the alternative - Microsoft Internet Explorer - especially version 3.0 with Java support coming REEL SOON to a theatre near you!

Thank you for your patience.

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