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Where is Laputa?
The Castle in the Sky - Laputa. With the magic stone, Laputa flies in the sky, and it is protected by a giant cloud, or a storm. Using the "levitaton stone" is the only way to locate Laputa, and there is only one girl has such a stone - Sheeta. Mooska is one of the men who wants to find this city. He and the government capture Sheeta, but with the help from Pazu and a group of pirates, Sheeta escapes. Finally they find Laputa and so does Mooska...want to know more? They are all right here
What is In Laputa?
Besides all the people finding the city, there are other things making up the whole story. The world of Laputa is not thesame as ours. It consists of many very interesting features too.

When was Laputa Created?
Laputa is one of the anime created by Hayao Miyazaki. It was first released in 1986. Within these ten years, the impact of Laputa remains. Thanks to all the people who created it.

How Many Songs Does Laputa Have?
Today, the most common soundtrack from Laputa is a set of 2 CDs. It contains all the music you can find in the movie and some instrument versions. In this page, there are couple MIDI files which I use on this site, plus some others. So have a look and see if you like any of them.

Who is Jimmy?
Welcome to the Jimmy's Lover - Laputa site. Hopefully you can find everything you want to know. Laputa is just one of my "Lovers" and there are more. Wanna find out? Here is your chance!

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