sanfrancisco life
San Francisco Life
as an exchange student from Japan


I came here San Francisco as an exchange student from Japan. I would like to report my life in San Francisco. Also, I would like to describe what I like in San Francisco.

My life in San Francisco

I live in this apartment on campus.
I go to San Francisco state university.
It is so nice to enjoy the life here!
My roommates are also nice guys!
I have 3 American roommates here.

These are my friends.
I often invited some of my friends and have a dinner together.
It might be Korean food, Japanese food, or Italian food.
I really like the way to live here.

This picture was taken on campus. This is San Francisco State University.

This is "State Univesity" station.
"M" train goes through this station.
It takes us to go to downtown for around 30 minutes, but it comes not so often,,,,

Holloween was so exciting!
I carved this pumpkin!
It should have been scarly face, but,,,,

We went to castro and civic center on Holoween. There were so many people who wore special costume for Holoween.
This night was very exiting for me.

They are all my friends!
They also began to study here from fall '97 semester.

We went to Treasure island.
It was very cold!
But we saw fantastic San Francisco night view!

This is!
I think night view from here is one the most beautiful one in San Francisco.

I like to see sunset.
So beautiful!
I must not feel bored to see this scene.

To be continued....

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