UENO Shuhei, Texas-e
Travel to Texas

I went to Texas with my friend, Masato by car during winter vacation.
We left San Francisco Dec 22 '98.
Our plan was traveling to Texas, New orleans, and Atlanta for 2 weeks by car.
We wanted to see a place like "Bagdad Cafe"
However, we gave up to go to Atlanta at the west side of Texas and came back, because of snow.
On the way to come back, we stoped by Mexico, and went through San Diego, Los Angels, then reached to San Francisco.
Actually, It took only 5 days not 2 weeks, but It was a really nice trevel.

After San Francisco, we reached to Las Vegas.
It took 11 hours by car to there, because I mainly drove to there.
When we reached to Las Vegas, It was 4 o'clock AM 23rd ( because our car was towed at San Francisco, we left SF 5PM).
We were lost a little bit by video game and checked in MGM grand hotel at 6 AM.
It costed only 48 dollars for 2 person.
It is really inexpensive to stay at Las Vegas.
On 23rd, we hung around the city and played Black Jack at night.
We both were lost.

This ride is called "Stratosphere".
This red one was located at the top of tower and fell down.
You can see beautiful night view of Las Vegas and scream.

Next day, 24th, we went through New Mexico and reached to El Paso(Texas).

It was snowing,
and Christmas day,,,,

Driving on highway was dangerous by snow.

On 24th, we stayed at Texas, and next morning, we went into Mexico.
It was snowing all the day.
We didn't know It was cold in Mexico.
In Mexico, we talked with people by gesture,
and enjoyed Spanish which we could not understand at all at the bar.
We got to know "ALTO" (means STOP) and "AMIGO" (means friend).

After Mexico, we went back to California,
at the west side of Texas,,,,not Atlanta or New orleans or the east side of Texas,,,,
Next was San Diego.
At night, we drove car on the dark highway which we didn't see other car.
We found cactus on the highway.

In the mornnig, we were impressed by warmth in San Diego.

We reached to San Diego in the mornig and went to beach.
Then, went to my friend's house.
Sight seeing, took dinner at his home and stayed at a motel in Los Angels.
We went through Melrose, Bevery hills, then we left Los Angels to San Francisco after noon.

California route 1.
We drove with watching sea at the left side.
We were always smiling.

We did not want to go back to San Francisco directly.
We stoped by Montrey.
However, we had nothing to do.
After all, we went back to San Francisco, Dec 27.

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