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Electronic Cards

Bullet Viet San Diego Online Postcard Center
Bullet Saigon Net Greeting Card Center
Bullet Electronic Postcards From Around The World
Bullet Postcards From Nova Scotia
Bullet Irish Sport Report E-Cards
Bullet Brew's E-Cards Page
Bullet Major League Soccer Electronic Postcards
Bullet Animated Greetings - Sorry, this one is not free.
Bullet E-Flower - Cool electronic flower cards.

Free Email

Bullet Geocities
Bullet HoTMail
Bullet Juno
Bullet Magicia Communication, Inc.
Bullet Rocket Mail
Bullet Supernews
Bullet Traveltales
Bullet Usa.Net (NetAddress)
Bullet Friendly Mail
Bullet Emails.Com
Bullet Mail City
Bullet Web Email


Bullet Geocities - 2Mb web space with online editor.
Bullet Tripod - 2Mb web space with online editor and FTP. You can also create subdirectory.
Bullet Fortune City - 6Mb web space with online editor.
Bullet Internet Club - 4Mb web space. FTP only.
Bullet Aparker Org.
Bullet Webspawner
Bullet Freetown
Bullet VNSOFT - Free web space for personal use. It doesn't say anything about the space limit.
Bullet Townsquare - 5Mb web space. You have to use its templates to create your webpage. You can also advertise your products.
Bullet Hongkong Cybercity - 5Mb web space. It's slow.
Bullet Internet The City - 1-2Mb web space. You can either use its templates or FTP to create your homepage.
Bullet Free Homepage Center
Bullet Free Homepage Collection
Bullet Another Free Homepage Collection
Bullet The Free Homepage Guide - A great place for those who want to look for a free web space.

Other Great Free Stuff Links

Bullet My Virtual Reference Desk - You can get tons of free stuff from this website.
Bullet 1003 Free Things On The Web - The title tells all.
Bullet The Free Software Store - What kind of freeware will you get from this Australian Cybermall? Explore it yourself.
Bullet Freebies - Links to all kinds of free stuff.
Bullet The Best Free Internet Software - There are a lot of great freeware.

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